Centraforge questions

Normally I do a search and then ask questions, but this is so confusing that I am going to start with questions.
Have all my machines with coils up to 10 each. Have written down all the recipes for all the items to be made and been collecting as many of the ingredients as I can. Some are limited for various reasons.

Now is the fun part. Which of these do I really need for myself for personal usage and which of these gums, pastes, solvents and such are best to collect and make to sell.

What ones are important? How important is the imperfect boon, the unstable boon? Do I really need the Draining boon, the corrupted boon, the unstable boon, defect reduction and others?

Quirks – not even sure what they are, how they work and do I want them or do I want to try to avoid them and if so, how?

Pastes – which one also are important? And solvents? How many do I add and the list can go on and on.

Sorry, I don’t expect them all to be answered now, just what I see as the most important, what ones do I need to make especially a hammer for mining that I can get two or three blocks with one hit on a level 4 and 5 planet and same with a shovel when gathering the mushroom and boulders to sell?

How many do I need to use of each type, when I add a boon compound, do I need to add more than one and if so do I do them immediately or wait a bit?

I’ve watched some videos, but they are some help, but I still have so many questions and don’t want to waste the ingredients, so guessing I should try them out on a iron hammer first.

Thanks for any and all help.


I would direct you here:

It explains anything better than I ever could, it’s how I started forging.

There’s links explaining what every boon, quirk and defect is.

The method is good, use it for a while and see how it actually works. Once you have a bit of an understanding, start experimenting with other mats.

When you experiment, just make sure you only load 1 tool, and have deconstruction resin 3 on deck.

Follow the guide and the method, take your time. Don’t expect perfect forges right away (or every time).

Once you get a bit of confidence, you can start putting 4/5 tools in at a time.

Edit: Also see here for damage calculator:


Credit to @Pfiffel

Thank you! That is so helpful, really, really appreciate it. :hugs: you deserve a hug today, LOL

Probably will be tomorrow, in a lot of pain right now, but will find it and bookmark it and cut and paste it to word also.
Thanks again

No worries.

Once you have had a read through and maybe a couple of trials, if anything is still not making sense, I’d be happy to help if I can.

Don’t claim to be the best or kmost knowledgeable, but I enjoy working out puzzles, and that how I see the forge.

I just wish ps4 users could have access to something like the test forge on PC, I’m sure I could come up with more efficient ways with a practice forge.

Maybe in the future!

To help with what ingredients will sell well,

I would say;

Fate Paste,
Stabilization Paste
Vigor Catalyst 2
Boon Removal Solvent
Special Gum,
Effect Gum,
Longevity Gum

Those will probably sell the best. But many of them are relatively easy to make so might not sell very well in general.

Strong suggestion to use lots of Fate paste while forging.

This may help as well

Everything you’ll ever need to know about traits/quirks.

The “traits by tool type” is especially handy if you click the little arrow to expand the accoridan at the start.

Vigour catalyst 2, protection paste 2 and fate paste 2 are in my deck every time. I like to use corrupt boon compound 1 to level up the first two boons then pure boon 3 to finish off the last boon. Less chance of defects that way. That first link in this post is my bible, Vansten I think his handle is? Could be wrong but it’s a great forging guide. I forge rank 310 - 350 tools every time with his methods and 80% of the time no defects. Most aren’t bad anyways

The best part is there are a few recipes you can use to get the effect you want. If you ever make it to the Golden Fist Shop (there’s a shop portal in the Grovidas Te PS HUB and a lot of other hubs), there’s a sign with all the quirks listed out and what they do on his wall. Some quirks are really nice on some things, and some are really annoying.

For example, you never want wonky trigger on grapples and on chisels. It can be rage inducing.

Don’t forget one jump ahead is bad on a hookshot as well.

Thanks everyone, I have copied all the info on the links to word so I can refer to it when I am forging. Getting all the ingredients now to do the work and may even try using a test planet to do some stuff.

Or, I may bite the bullet and just try some of the stuff that is cheap to make on iron tools and see what I get. The Catalyst and Solvents are going to be the problem to get, not too good at killing the critters that will drop these items and they are way to expensive for me to buy.

Have you ever joined a hunt? I just started to get into it (because making the ingredients can be EXPENSIVE) and if you run with a group you can find a lot of the trophies you need! Most of the catalysts aren’t needed until you want to make the really high tier items, I’ve found.

I joined in one once, but I have some problems that makes it hard in some areas, my right arm will start to jerk then I am shooting all over the place, or fingers twitch and I click and fall to my death because I released the grapple, Can’t keep up with the ones who go fast and get left behind.

Now with we can just go to the sanctum and return home free that would make it easier, but I just wait until my son can play and he is used to me accidently forgetting to switch from grapple back to slingbow and so I drag the hopper and he dies when it blow up.

Or accidently grapple him and pull him off a cliff and he dies, he didn’t find that very funny though :slight_smile: We played last night and I got around eight trophies.

If they would add more content, he would be more willing to play and we could go out more. But right now, he is not going to play the game any because there isn’t that much that appeals to him. He isn’t into building. Goes the game has great potential, but it is right now stagnating, not advancing.

That makes sense. I was going to suggest you could always use revives and healing bombs too.

Even if he doesn’t play with you too much, I think it’s awesome it can be a family activity in your house :slight_smile: