Centraforge tower: Just because


me too! :>


Yup spreading it over 4 chunk corners certainly does work


Great googly moogly.


Does anyone remember that DirecTV commercial with the russian guy in the gold room?

“Opulence. I has it.”


I think this is already the case due to the way footfall works (or doesn’t work [The choice is yours how you want to view it] )

Its both being buffed and nerfed at the same time. I am not sure what the net result is at this time. most likely, Buffed for mid grade forging, nerfed for high grade forging.


Build your own tower of coilness!!

Lake shop

All advanced coils sub 4k… More stock being put up in a few hours.


Thinking same thing


Yup, you’ll have to figure out where the mesh edge is by traveling in one direction and trying to place one coil in each plot until you find a plot where you can. Then back up turn 90 degrees and do it again and you’ll have your point where 4 mesh boundaries intersect. I don’t remember the total limits but some builders mark their mesh boundaries when they work on complex builds with lots ofchiseling etc.

Think it’s a limit of maybe 526 mesh items per plot chunk. I’m on PS4 but I think the debug menu shows your current mesh # placed…



But also just another thing that shows me I’m playing an entirely different game than a lot of you folks.

*edit … which I should add I find perfectly fine. Amazing is also the game that can be so many different things to different folks. :+1:


Can I have some stuff Merlin :pleading_face:


This is well somewhat awesome, but i do not like the fact that theres player in this kinda state. Although i dunno did you @Merln rafted all these?i doubt. But if so. Good for you.
Theres sone serious issues with balance if theres a dude that can afford building this kinda thing with buying them all. Ye sure i get it… some people have coins some dont. But this is whole level of “stupid” from game point of view. Meaning also that you can see how bored people are when they are building stuff like this. Does this make any sense to build this?no. We are bored in current game state at least us who have alrdy in the “end game”


@Merln If you have too many forge coils and cannot add more of the others I can use 5 of the forge ones. Can help you there and take them off your hands.:wink:


Just alternate the rows with machined silver and titanium. :wink:


Alternating rows will not work. If this is a mesh issue in the chink, the chunk is 2x2 plots from the mantle to the sky all the rows count in the same chunk.


yes I understand that he reached the cap for advanced blocks, but alternating between a none advanced block would allow for a taller structure


that is true


Some of those gems could be mine if they’re from back when The Awkward Miners were exchanging gems for hammers lol.


the good ol’ days


He started the epic forging and rode it to the millions, then everything crashed and he bought them. Probably crafted quite a few as well


You’re right… boredom is setting in. New content please 8).