Centraforging for Materials

I see alot of posts out there that people cannot afford forged tools or have the ability to forge tools.

I can help you! No worries (I’ll note Im not selling forged gear for 50k nor will be asking for gems in trade)

Until they fix mining I’ll offer this… you bring me the tools and I’ll forge them for you. It obviously costs me materials so we can work on reimbursement through materials so I can offer this type of.deal to more players!

I can also offer the gem tools as well. I can explore the costs to make gemed tools if you don’t already know. I will trade you materials to make the mats or materials to make the tool (does that make sense?)

I won’t lie to you it costs quite a few shimmering orbs to make forging materials! It’s expensive however not 40k expensive.

Please find me in game at CoilTech
Discord: Teoryy
Or on the fourms!