Centre of the Galaxy?

Hey everyone, Just curious on what is the centre of the Galaxy.

Well as the t6s are so spread out there’s probably no real true center. But not including those safe bet would be Circa since it can reach all the t1s-t5

I thought Delta C and Till could reach the most planets… but may have just been looking at it wrong a while back.

Edit: Just looked at the portal helper again and it appear Besevrona is in portal range of the most planets, but Circ is “closer” to most of the lower tier ones so a better option for a hub.

Hmm maybe. I didn’t think any of them could further than Serp and besevrona. And I know circa can reach those as well as all t5 and under. Im not sure if till and delta can reach the same or not. But maybe all 3 of them are in the middle

Yeah, just edited my response after looking at the portal helper

Since there’s no 1 planet that can reach all other planets, it all depends on how you define the centre :slight_smile:

In terms of connectivity, i’d say Biitula and Circapous are some of the most connected planets. They’re closest to the most inhabited/played planets and thus furthest away from the Outer Rim (also known as the australian planets).

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I think this is the closest to a map of the galaxy without limits

That’s always where you standing atm lol

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Center I would say is the three t4’s: till delta circa

And 3 is sooooooo not enough! AUS needs to get 2 and the others need an extra 1! Heck all 4 should perhaps have 3 total!

And more Lush ones too please! Two Lush and a non-Lush per region would be lovely!

And double the T5/T6, add some perm T7’s, a bunch of T1 to T3’s, ahhhhhhh


Lol aenea
10 char


A girl can dream!!!

I forgot to mention: and add those T8 exo’s!

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The centre of all the universes are @apt and @ovis ‘s heads. And they are only getting bigger from winning all the PvP competitions. Will anyone put an end to there rain of terror. Ninja Warrior tomorrow at 2pm EST.

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TRUE. Come at me! :muscle: Looking forward to it!

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