Ceph hunting platforms

Might have been asked before but from what I can see, not recently.

Are there hunting platforms on Ceph? If so, how would I go about getting some location tokens for them? Me and my son often do mini hunts together on the planet and it could be a lot easier with platforms to go from!

Join the BT hunt it’s mostly every day at 8 pm UTC and every other day at 12:30 UTC. So there are 2 hunts a day on ceph and they are beginner friendly with a big group. Easy hunt and fast doing meteors that means core 6 meteors and a lot of loot and oort. Why do it on your own? Just join everyone is welcome :blush:


Thanks Egg :heart: yes, you are very welcome to join us on our daily hunts. We will be on our best behaviour :innocent:


Thanks Eggi! I do join the BT hunts from time to time but I find its too late in the day for me most of the time. I’m usually either watching TV with my other half or switching on a single player game that she likes to watch at that time. The solo (duo?) hunt is just a little activity with my boy to enjoy in our own time without having to wait for a group one. I still hunt with grand and occasionally BT :grin:


Oh ok I got that and i like it some spontaneous hunts with your son that is really awesome :blush:
I think BCS has some platforms but I didnt use them.
Or maybe you join some of the higher tier hunts there are a lot during the day.

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