Cephonix is unplayable

This Planet is unplayable for me since some days i am really angry about that because i wanted to Help Out with Brown Town beginner hunts and i Need to figure Out what Planet we all can Go without Problems …
Today the Same i can t Join fruity on his hunt Happens right now
I ve only Problems with this Planet from this Region perhaps Somebody can Help

And No there are No Download or anything ealse in Background. I ve 100 mbits down so thats Not the Problem…

So your download is 100mbps…what’s your upload?

I ask because upload is what will cause issues for players on servers. From what I have found in the past when I had trouble my upload speed was dipping to low (1-5mpbs) I reset my box and it then went back to 20mbps upload and everything got better. Have you turned off your box and back on since trouble started?

Had problems with Ceph intermittently for months. One week my connection to Ceph will be so bad that I can barely move, next week it will be someone elses connection doing the same thing.

Yes done everything and Upload ist 40mbit

A vid i did vid my Handy

Only other thing I can think of is the connection route through servers. Happens sometimes to me as well. Gyosha was brutal for me when cyberpunk launched and steam was on fire. Best of luck.

Using my VPN for a different path actually helped for me.


Another vid

@Bethlehem perhaps we should try glovias te this european Server .
Was there Yesterday with the hunt and wenn really good.

Yeah but Ceph is the ultimate beginner friendly planet. It usually sorts itself out.

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Gyosha is pretty fair for low level hunts also. Hunted it alot in the beginning when I started.

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It’s not working today. It’s been offline for an hour. I don’t know why Boundless won’t take responsibility for offline servers, unstable connections, etc. Most games will accept responsibility for server problems. Sometimes they even give you in-game rewards for the problems.

This has been reported and is being looked into. Crash game - Cephonex Merika Down