Chairs/seats and beds

I think the topic title says it all, right? One by two block sized beds and seat blocks that you can actually sit in [when characters/animations are added].

Of course, seats should be customizable as couches, single chairs, and stools. When you place a “chair” next to another “chair”, the middle “Arm rest” disappears and makes it a couch. Stools can be placed next to one another, but look the same no matter what and sit your character a little higher.

Beds could be decorated similarly to the animal skin beds in Skyrim as an extra thought. Or maybe you can choose from a few designs, so you can have animal skins for a small cabin/hut, or a nice silk/red/blue sheet bed for a larger, castle like house.


jep, such ideas have been talked about in the forums in the past as well. Yes, we want them and yes, let there be many different designs :wink:

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