Challenging Assumptions: Daily, weekly worlds

What do we definitively know?
All is possible.
Benefits and detraction’s of this potential system as you see it

I know that daily/weekly worlds have been discussed, a way to obtain more resources because a million other players have devastated the world you live on.

However, regenerating worlds have also been discussed and it’s honestly a more interesting alternative to gaining more resources without the world looking like the spawn of a minecraft server.

Personally I favor regeneration, because of how beacons work and the need for some basic base to stay safe, horde your resources and whatever else.

Following discussions about Oort shards and how beacons are activated, it would be a pain to travel to another world just to go grocery shopping.

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I truly love both suggestions here.
Regenerating worlds is fantastic, and a great way to fight griefers and people that have no concern for the beauty of the environment.
However, from an MMO perspective to have worlds that last weeks or months and then disappear never to be seen again is an awesome idea. You could have bosses and elites that may never be seen again, and this somewhat fits into the idea of titles that are tied to achievements. You could do challenges and special quests inside of extremely difficult and inhospitable worlds.

Basically my thought is this: Daily, Weekly, monthly worlds would incorporate what is imo the best part of endgame dungeon crawlers - content that vanishes and is never seen again and all thats left is something to talk about. So not only would you be mashing a sandbox voxel game with an MMO, you could also add some seasonal and dungeon crawler elements into it.

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but i want regenerating worlds so they dont looks completely destroyed the ones you are playing on, but i also find it awesome to be able to explore an entirely new world each day,

Perhaps if you skimp out on your Oort Shard portal cost it opens a portal to an unstable dimension. Unlike normal portals and warps these rifts remain open for a longer time, perhaps an hour, and destroy the dimension when they close.

If the worlds they generate are much smaller than normal it should hopefully not be too demanding on the server. In the survey few large worlds gained more favour than many small worlds, but I’d like this as a bonus feature after 1.0

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worlds are NOT randomly generated. just pointing that out.

But Zouls, we know that !
Procedural generators combine a random element with a hand-crafted element to produce infinite sensible variations that all follow a common pattern. The worlds are indeed hand crafted, and are better that way.

(old and fun video)

I think I would prefer having large, complex worlds to start with. But when it comes to stretch goals, the sky is the limit. And also the moneys.


Nice laymans terms for describing procedural generation. Thanks for breaking down.

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After watching @Scythe spotlights
And seeing the works of the master builders (cue Everything is Awesome) on Ulaip, I fear for the regeneration affecting how these folks have tied so many builds together.

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lots and lots of beacons.

We can donate beacon tokens to builders we like so they can get better coverage. Actually I really like that, it’s very democratic.

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