Change "Autodoor" to "automation" spanner

So I’ve been sitting with this in the back of my mind since the autodoor spanner came out, but for some reason it only materialised into words now…

I’d like to know how you guys would feel about adding extra functionality to the autodoor spanner; in particular the cases below but also any other ideas you might have are welcome:

  1. Use it on gleam lanterns to cycle them almost like LED’s. Base state would be always on, one whack is “proximity ON”, 2 whacks is proximity off (optional 3 whack always off so there are 4 states)

  2. Expand doors to have 2 states. One hit would be the current “resume position when player leaves”, two hits would make the door change position BOTH when you approach AND when you leave.

Not sure how hard this would be to code, but would allow for some epic builds that feel more interactive:

a maze that dynamically changes as you move through it
Lights that switch on as you move through a build
Lights that switch off as you move through a creepy build
A drawbridge that closes as you approach and opens up after
A mob catch pit that drops all your pets into lava below as you approach…
Not to mention a door that opens when you walk up and closes when you leave, aka an “automated door” and the ever popular door that slams shut as you approach :smiling_imp:

Any other ideas / uses welcome!


I 100% approve this message.:pig: