Change background colour of forum


Is there a way to change the forum background to black aka like how discord has dark theme?


I use an extension and it works well. Couldn’t see any on styles sites, often the case with niche sites, hence using the generic extension. Any Dark Reader type add-on/extension seems to do a decent job.


I’m not terribly familiar with doing this type of thing. Do you have a specific one that you use? And also does it work on mobile devices?
I use android and my default browser is chrome however I have an icon for the forum on my home screen


You can get add-ons for Chrome that do the job, however I hesitate to recommend a specific one as they often can then read the data of every website you visit. They usually don’t, but extensions have been hijacked in the past to cause users trouble.

However, if you’re willing to go that route and allow an extension to auto-update itself and potentially in future read/gather any and all of your website data, I’ve used this: in the past when using Chrome.

I’d read some user reviews of addons that work on Android Chrome (I would think any of them work) and make a decision about which one to go with.


Thank you so much for your help!


I installed a chrome extension to do this, but since it doesn’t change everything some things were still the default colour and completely unreadable and I think there was something else that made it unusable.

[edit] ok, nevermind, it was Amazon. I had to disable the dark theme (dark reader) for amazon and forgot to re-activate it for the forums. works good actually! :+1: (on the forums, not Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:)

I would love it if there was a dark option built into the forums though…
I know it exists for discourse, but the owners of the forum (Wonderstruck/Turbulenz) need to activate it.


Dunno if android has this feature or not but with iPhone in the accessibility menu there’s an inter colors option(for colorblind) I use that when I feel like using dark colors. Example:

Well actually I can’t upload the example lol. The screenshot is in normal colors :man_facepalming:t4:


Yeah I do have a dark theme and also night mode which softens the light colour and also I have a reading mode which does the monochrome kind of effect. But this forum is still pretty bright even with all settings maxed and my screen brightness low


Dark reader definitely makes the fourms much more presentable - would be nice if they were dark be default, looks 10x better and professional imo, but alas.


Ah so no invert colors.the white turns black and black turns white. The read turns teal. Blue turns orange. So everything goes a lot darker since this is mainly white.


Inverting colours messes up the colour on pictures and screenshots! :scream: