Change Random AOE to 5x5 but Only Targets Crafted Blocks

I thought about presenting this as a separate tool boon, but it fits so nicely in place of everyone’s favorite lvl5 aoe boon. This boon would have a 5x5 area of effect, but would only target unnatural crafted blocks so would be great for tearing down old builds or salvaging expired ones. Another feature I think be would be useful is if this boon also only targets the type of block that is hit. This would make it much simpler to replace certain block types with new ones (such as old glass blocks into new ones or changing only one color in a checkerboard pattern).


I’d be down with this.

Also, perhaps bombs could be retooled so they don’t destroy CRAFTED blocks?


if your happy to aim 1 block higher than eye level then yeah sure. I think 3x3 being able to aim at eye level is enough though

Perhaps a slight alteration - 5x5 aoe but it only targets beaconed blocks.

Otherwise, yeah it would atleast give the max level of aoe a use.

If it only targets beacon it could be easily abused. Just plot an area then mine it. Not too hard to plot a large area quickly and would work on anything up to

Edit: obviously you need to delete the beacon again to let it regen

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i think having to plot the area to mine it with a 5x5 would defeat the advantage gained, but I can see where your coming from.

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All you would need to do is throw some campfires down and not worry about removing the beacon afterwards

This would work even more effectively. Forgot about those things, not used one since day 1 of playing lol

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Had to use them during the time people would troll on hunts with regen bombs to stop us opening portals to next platforms because the update hadn’t came in lol but other than that yeah was when I first started