Changes in crafting patch

The crafting patch will come out in a few weeks (as least @ben said so) and that made me wonder what you are going to do with inventory and blocks.

are you going to remove all of the bloks like lampblock and wall block and then allow them to be craftable? and will that mean you remove infinite mode so it cant be abused to get mats? also will it include the new UI + Bag + Token system?


@james can you answer?

The first crafting release will be about laying the foundations so that we can then do more regular crafting updates. We’ll not disable the “default item set” and “infinite items” until we feel like the crafting system is rich enough to merit it.


Alright. thanks. i just felt we should have a warning if you did that :smiley:

Also before removing the infinite ítems… we need chest, boxes… etc… for saving our resources XD

Yeah they are working on chests.