Changing colour when breaking slabs

When placing slabs o, each other and then break on back off the colour changes back to default colour of the world you are in.

Pfft. that is nothing, you can even make them change material.

''they arent. they are the same material, the blocks literally transforms into the block they are placed about… i am completely serious. something is clearly wrong there XD

Look at this,

Placing ancient timber slab

Placing a granite slab on top of that one. BAM, full granite block

Placing a granite slab

Placing a timber slab on top of the granite slab, BAM timber block

something is not right here… they even give me the respective material (granite being turned into timber drops a timber slab when destroyed)‘’

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Thanks @Mittekemuis, we’re looking into these colour bugs :smile:

@Zouls This is a know/accepted issue for now. Supporting multiple blocks per block is going to be a lot of work – we’d probably be better off spending that time on features. Long term, we’ll probably just not let you place another slab type in that space to stop confusion.


but… you could say its an intented feature? ‘‘the magical energy flowing through the blocks allows you to transform them… uhhhh’’ ish xD

its fine. its nothing that affects me much, since im not a builder.

James already said 1 month ago, that a block 1x1x1 needs to be a type of block. Even if its only a “half visible block”, it is still a block. Their system can not store that there are 2 types of blocks in this block. They need to change the system instead of voxelbased 1m 1m 1m to 50cm 50cm 50cm for things like that. And i honestly doubt that this will happen.