Charge Shot / Rapid Fire Poll

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Thanks in advance for answering this poll :slight_smile: and I hope you enjoy seeing what other people answer.

Which do you prefer using / use most often?

  • Charge Shot
  • Rapid Fire
  • Both (about the same)
  • Neither (but I use slingbow)
  • Neither (I never use slingbow)

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Rapid fire is great if repetitive button presses hurt your joints but charged shot is pretty useless :woman_shrugging:

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I might be the only person that uses charged shot… my rationale:

  • Armor has less effect so some of the DPS loss is mitigated
  • More dmg per slingbow durability for maximal respect to the forger
  • Sneak around and 1-shot things as much as possible so anything that aggros is dead before it can hit me…die anyway because I’m bad at the game

Those are all fair points. The few times I’ve tried it, I was looking to see just how much damage I could do on the highest damage bow I could make and since it wasn’t much of an increase I never tried again. I’ll give it another go on some normal bows.

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I’ve never tried rapid fire

Uses way more dura


I think charge makes sense going alone.

But on team hunts, the mob you were aiming is going to be dead by the time you are charged and if you miss the next one you have to go and charge again :man_shrugging:


If there is some really challenging content, rapid fire is a lot more DPS

But since in hunting really you want to be getting the most return possible out of your slingbow, charged is better for economic reasons

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I agree though I want to see some sort of bosses that people have to practice roles and comms for like in other MMOs


At level 35 neither is worth the points to me. Points in everything else combat related makes more sense.

I’ve tried charged before and it’s not worth the extra punch on the first shot. If the mobs are in a pack or I’m trying to solo a meteor then charged is useless. Then again I’m just tooling around on T3 (and sometimes T4) worlds solo. For harder content I’ll probably adjust my point of view after experience. Even so, it still seems like a lot of points to spend for very little benefit compared to other traits and skills.

I do use damage augments always. That is too wasteful (along with durability) for rapid fire. Plus spitters and cuttles move too much for me to maximize any benefits of rapid fire.

At my level and experience so far I’ve put those points into mitigations with better results. Being able to take some hits (especially at a meteor) is worth much more than what I see as a slight damage increase.

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