Charging Admission


Every time I see an easily farmable block for sale I start to wrack my brain trying to think of an effective way to offer them for free somewhere, but only allow access for one person to get there and they had to buy a location token for the actual price. It doesn’t work.

So, being able to charge admission would solve this, allowing a player to sell a single use key for an advanced lock or token for a portal which will only show open on their screen. This would not only make package selling possible, but owners of large slides or mazes could also throw down a reasonable price for entry. Footfall isn’t enough for a well crafted attraction.

I realize there is the possibility of abuse with this, since someone could charge admission for an empty room, but with advanced locks being able to lock shop stands, among other things, there could still be precedent for this, allowing others to rent machines or storage.


It’s not a bad idea like if you make a huge interactive maze charging admission would be a good way to pay the creator.


I like this. To add on, you can sell “membership” to a selection store that sells things at lower prices, or have a “premium” portal setup that sends you to the best farm locations for various things.

A single use key lets you do soooo much, and I don’t really see a down side other than it would likely be hard to implement into the current system.


They have these advanced locks shouldn’t be to much for them to create a single use key.


There was talk about toll boths or something a while ago. I do not remember the thread, but I think I read it somewhere during the first month or two of the PS4 release. I think the general idea was that to pass they would need to pay whatever the toll was set by the plot owner. Pretty sure it was to encourage useful builds like bridges, tunnels and farms. Would work very well for someone on Til.


If this idea was in the game I’d try running it with some sort of super discount shop that undercuts other shops and operates off a 5-10% margin just to see if it was possible.

I do like the idea of monetizing plotted resource hot spots though.


I like interactive build ideas a lot, but currently you can get passed most locked doors or walled off areas by abusing bump warping or regen bombs. So I don’t think anything you put behind a locked door is actually as safe as you would think.


unless the ceiling is only 2 high, and at least 1 block of the space is below the surface. I haven’t been able to get a warp bump into that kind of space yet, only 3 high pockets of air


Just to throw this into the thinking, the incentive to block off resources and charge people to use the mine/farm would be pretty high if this came into the game.

And if everyone started to do this we would be back to where we were a few months back where everyone was getting pretty stressed about arguing the rights and wrongs of this.

It seems to be an OK balance (could always be tweaked depending on your view point) at the moment, but this would feel like a step backwards to me!


People already do this by walling off an area of resources and selling them cheaply. Honestly the number of plots to actually wall off an entire area is astounding, and I am on the record saying (even at that time) that doing so is not against the rules or spirit of the game. They didn’t change anything from when people were complaining about it, only released new planets.

I’m not trying to argue, you make a fair point. I just don’t think we took a step forward for this introduction to be a step backward.


Yeah, and I’m not really saying yes or no either.

I do agree there wasn’t a change in gameplay as such.

At that point, when there were less planets, hence less resources, there was more incentive to attempt to control the mining points, and it was happening, there were more players than now, less resources so some enterprising citizens decided to capitalise (and I’m not gonna go back to the rights and wrongs of this, just illustrating a point).

This led to rough diamond selling for 1kc each!

Now there is plenty to go around, with the current player base there is no way the mining spots would get to the same point.

However, if the player base increases (as we all hope it does), then it could potentially lead back to a similar situation.

We know there are ways around blocked off areas now, but all those new player out hunting diamonds with their unforged titanium hammers might not.

It may not happen, but it would be useful to consider all angles.

That’s fair enough, but I think a game like this succeeds on the strength of its community, and that situation previously seemed to drive a giant wedge between everyone, and that’s what I’d like to avoid more than anything else.


I was just getting into gem mining when that was in its hey day. Bomb mining was taken away and everyone was loosing their minds (leading to rising gem prices). I never bomb mined before I didn’t get that far in progression. But I still found plenty of gems when I went out mining. Far more when I got AOE tools, and that was with the sections walled off, I just settled for “less hot” spots and still found the amount I needed. But hey that was my experience, not everyone had the same one.

Gem prices are super low right now (what 50c? that is what a guildie found them for today)… Honestly it makes me feel like the work i did put into them was pointless because their value is so low now (I sell bitter beans at over half that price and takes almost no effort by comparison, even with brews and great aoe tools). Not saying they need to be 1k each again, but I still think around 150-200c is a nice sweet spot for them (around the same as Oort stone). Its kinda funny but I find just as many places walled off for gems now as back then, just there are more hotspots around.

This is un-doubtfully something to keep in mind about a system that allows admission, but I’m just pointing out that the admission doesn’t actually enable this behavior. it might give it a couple more options, and make it easier, but advanced locks do that now you just have to add the person on the friends list and add them to the lock manually. Adding keys don’t really incentivize it more, just make it easier to pass permissions to others.


admission is just a nice way for people to pay it forward.
you can take the bad and say well they walled off that resource but that’s actually a great feature of boundless its actually a smart move to monopolize a resource in the real world and in the game world.

lots of great features could come from keyed entry along with ticket booths in this game.
just to name a few:
*art galary
*spleef arena
*special auction
*donation to your guild
*special shop deals
*payment for a service
*the use of a farm (controversial but if a gold miner acquired gold rich ground are you going to picket them because you want open access to it. If someone gets access to a resource and monopolizes off of it then good for them)

perm keys and one time use keys are a must in this game along with ticket booths. if you wish to bump warp into the area nobody can stop you, but many of us will not try to bump warp into a walled off area.


I am honestly confused by this statement. you want to offer something for free, but they have to buy a location token? How is that free? I feel like I am not understanding this at all.

I am 100% against this at this time, because footfall is the only reliable way to generate coin and its a █████ system at best. Now if they added other ways to generate coin into the game that is reliable Then I could support this idea.

I don’t see how this sets precedent at all. Adv locks brings nothing new to the table, it just makes the situation easier to do. You could set up many beacons all with different permissions in the past and have the same effect and „rent“ storage out that way.

I feel the “toll booth” that was mentioned somewhere in the past, should be added to the game, but not until they fix coin generation.

  1. there is no way to sell below 1c per item, so a free stand with an intermediate payment would be the only way to bypass that.
  2. this would be a way to balance time investment to footfall. It is easy to drop a beacon in a busy area and expect footfall. It is much harder and takes much more planning and time to develop a complex attraction. People go down the slide and never return, yet the douche with the half built road continues to see income.
  3. prec·e·dent

an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

Advanced locks allow specific players to access certain objects. An admission system would do the same, for a different group. Advanced locks being released is the earlier action. I have considered it as an example of selective access for the potential similar circumstance of using admission.


I don’t see a big problem with resource hogging. Sure there’s the big hotspots that get owned up pretty fast, but when you look at the atlas, you’re gonna find a blob here and a blob there of whatever you need.


That makes sense now, but the problem with this is trust, you are selling entry to a building that contains shop stands set for 0 for the price of the entry to the building, which may or may not contain the advertised things. which either means scamming becomes legal in the game, or the devs have even more to moderate now.

I did not just fall off of the rutabaga truck, I know what the word means Trundle%20S%2030x30

No. an admission system would allow anyone who pays to to access the object/building, which is unlike an adv lock because locks have ACLs that need to be set by the owner and cannot be bypassed otherwise by normal means, where as the admission system would not have an ACL and anyone can access it if they had enough coin to do so.

One is used to restrict access, the other is used to profit from the access.

Because theses things are dissimilar for the above stated reason and the fact adv locks brings nothing new to the table, because you could already do this via the beacon ACL, just not as easy as it is now. I don’t see how this is a precedent.


No they are similar, admission offers access to people who pay, locks offer access to chosen people. I have not erred in my wording. You trolling. Have common sense and be understanding.


I am trying to be accurate, You state why adv locks have some kind of precedent and therefore should carry alot of weight, and I state why I think it doses not.

If you do not wish or can’t handle me telling you my ideas, then don’t respond to me, or you can kindly ask me to stop, but the statement I quote from you below is anything but.

While yes I am a >> Frost Troll << that offers absolutely nothing to the situation and is irrelevant, whatever race I pick to be my online persona .

Or were you trying to be Derogatory?


Things are as simple or complex as you want them to be. I could enter the headache of indulging your complexity, but I think I can sum things up: I made a suggestion, you didn’t like it and didn’t fully understand some of what I said. I cleared up my meaning for you, and you still don’t like idea. That’s fine. It’s your opinion. It’s as valid as my suggestion. Good day.