Chat bubbles yes or no

Here’s a little teaser for some of the Oort language:


hmm… made in cubes. that is so genius xD

So it seems that the system looks like this

You can make lines between the dots within the ruleset, in number 1 of official picture it can be seen that the lines doesnt have to touch the sides, it also seems there is no limitation on having the line go out multiple times on the same side.

However in these examples there are 2 things that can be seen:

  1. there are no diagonal lines. which is why i havent put dots in the corners.

  2. all of the lines in the cube have to be connected, meaning that this

wouldnt work.

Really curious as to how it will turn out, but this is just pure speculation from what i can see.

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May be it’s to be explained with math like the language and numbers of the D’ni of Myst ^^

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That’s not a rule. @ben just didn’t include an example with disconnected sections.

Alright, then that is out of the picture. thanks for telling :smiley:

i look forward to seeing how it works, but if it is its own language with other rules then it might get pretty hard to learn… or is it more like a code that translates to english words?

Here’s an example:

Won’t tell you what it means, that will be for you lot to work out :wink:


(You’re not expected to work out what they mean in isolation, they’ll be presented with context)

Ahh alright. thanks.

but i am right in no diagonal lines right? or is that just another case you havent showed.

Also are you guys making it only to be read, or are you also making a system that allows the players to write using those symbols?

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Correct, no diagonals.

First I have to learn the runic writing of Shroud of the Avatar and then also the Oortian … Lucky me, that I’m used to learn such stuff through historical interest and the three Japanese writings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it means, ben is the supreme ruler and we should all bow to him or else we will become slaves to his mind control.

am i right @ben?

will this link to a sort of enchantment system? one of the symbols represent fire etc?

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i like chat bubbles :blush:



In place of second rule: lines can have ends only on the edges.

Denied (but yeah i would say that too if this didnt exist)

Why “denied”? :hushed: Glyph from your picture hasn’t endings.

I speak about this case:

i think its a fine distinction between ‘‘no ends’’ and ‘‘ends in the middle’’ do you think the one i showed goes on infinitely? whatever it is an odd case but i understand what you mean now.

Yes, circle goes on infinitely.
In general case (with cube), this fissures has endings nowhere: every line continuing behind an edge.

But looking at the carvings where the lines end on the sides I’d say they don’t^^ It looks like they go to another side of the qube.
A rule could be that every cube has only one line. But we’d need more information for that^^

The number of lines connecting to the outside goes steadily up. 0,1,2,3… with the exception of the last two.

is it a number system?

oh man, thats a great idea!!!