Chat PMs repeating?

I just logged in & got PM notifications, but they were all repeat ones I’d already rec’d and replied to - back to Jan 21st :woman_shrugging:

-and the dates aren’t in order


Did you go to creative and back to live?

I went to the test server.

I’m having this happen on PS4, all the PMs and notifications from around that date pop up as new each time I log in and have to scroll through them. Not having that happen on PC though.

This happens to me on ps4, sometimes when I log on it shows old notifications, am not sure how the updates to the chat, have affected this.

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I’ve never had this happen before. I’m PC only.

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Yeah, this happens when switching from testing to live. Have had it now every time when doing it.

It’s still going and hasn’t stopped. Looks like it’s showing/repeating every message, notification, PM I’ve rec’d since January :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Never went to creative myself and the text doesnt auto scroll

I’v never been to Test servers but this happens to me when i Quickly close Boundless or task manager close it but its only been after this update its been happening.

going between testing/creative and the normal game resets the message histories so pm/notifications will treat the available backlog as new messages (the universe/guild channels are not specific to you so treating them as a new channel wont treat messages before that time as relevant to you so are only seen via scroll-back), it’ll be improved in a future update to seperate out the different universes better.

(Before the chat changes, this didnt occur… at least not in the same way, before going between testing/live just meant that you would miss out on any new messages you got in the meantime with no way of knowing they were new to you other than remembering the conversations…)


Any reason it might be happening on PS4? Getting it every time I’m afraid. Thanks!!

Oki :+1: I hadn’t had this happen before after switching.