ChatGPT sucks (Boundless broke it)

ChatGPT SUCKS !!! I crashed it !



Not really you just reached your limits


Limit: 90000 / min. Current: 89689 / min

And after that typing another question it does answer me without errors, so it is not a limit as you state !

Crazy that it gives a correct answer sometimes.

I think it is timing out if it takes too long or something. (I am not an expert on ChatGPT though)

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I stated nothing official,the error shown on the screen did


Then explain why it does not always happen ?

Did not know you were a ChatGPT expert @HOST knowing exactly how to interpret the error on OpenAI !

You must be lonely to seek attention from the HOST, however I’m an chatGPT expert correct! at least you know it now, but a little basic reading knowledge gets the job done.

Let me highlight it for you so you can see it better.

Error: you reached your limit with the HOST please try again later


But you never answered my question Mr Expert !

Oh well, I had fun with this untill @HOST took this way, way, WAY too serious.

I don’t even want an answer anymore as this post is ruined already. Well done !!! (clap, clap)

I will keep posting funny stuff anyway as I think most people like this. :slight_smile:


i asked Google same question, i think i like Google answer more


to be honest, iiif i want to know something or looking for something or need help with some kind or errors im always asking uncle Google and ount Wiki :smiley:

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Whenever I asked about boundless mine was working fine. That bug that the bot wouldn’t answer from beginning on or in between, I had a few times when I asked not boundless related questions. It’s just buggy sometimes. Guess it needs to be refreshed very frequently.

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LOL, it lies to me?


hahaha clever AI :smiley: it pretend it cant play so previous decision was a program mistake or error, he lost and trying to do everything he can to proof it didnt happened

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It can lie to everyone. Here’s what I got, pretty imaginative but fairly inaccurate other than ‘it flies’ lol

Me: can you describe a Cuttlethunk, a flying creature from the game Boundless?


In the game Boundless, the Cuttlethunk is a fascinating flying creature that can be encountered in various regions of the boundless universe. It is one of the many unique creatures that players can interact with during their exploration.

The Cuttlethunk is a medium-sized aerial creature characterized by its distinct appearance and behavior. It has a slender body covered in iridescent, shimmering scales that reflect a multitude of colors when caught in the light. The scales of the Cuttlethunk are often vibrant and range from deep blues and purples to vivid greens and oranges, creating a visually striking spectacle.

One of the most notable features of the Cuttlethunk is its membranous wings, which span a considerable width compared to its body. These wings enable the creature to gracefully glide through the air with remarkable agility and precision. They are typically translucent or semi-translucent, allowing glimpses of the intricate veins running through them.

The Cuttlethunk has a long, slender beak that curves slightly downwards. This beak is adapted for extracting nectar and juices from the various plant life found in the game’s universe. It uses its keen sense of smell to detect floral scents and locate sources of nourishment.

In terms of behavior, the Cuttlethunk is known for its docile nature, often appearing calm and peaceful as it soars through the skies. It is a social creature and can be seen in small groups or larger flocks, communicating with each other through a series of melodious calls and whistles.

Encountering a Cuttlethunk in the game can be a captivating experience. Players can observe these creatures gracefully gliding above the landscape, occasionally landing on nearby branches or structures. Their presence adds to the immersive and dynamic atmosphere of the game, making the world of Boundless feel more alive and vibrant.

Overall, the Cuttlethunk in Boundless is a visually captivating and elegant flying creature that enhances the game’s sense of wonder and exploration. Interacting with these creatures while traversing the boundless universe adds to the immersive and enchanting experience of the game.

Does it do better if you type Cuttletrunk instead of Cuttlethunk?

Your rate limit is a number of requests per amount of time. When you run out of requests, it stops responding. These typically use the “leaky bucket” method, where additional requests slowly trickle in. In this case, they will be trickling in at a rate of 90,000 per minute - about 1,500 per second.

Considering that I don’t think you personally were making 90,000 requests a minute, I’m going to guess that you were seeing a rate limit on the service you were using that is accessing the OpenAI API service. With things moving that fast, the 311 request margin can easily be attributed to a 207 millisecond latency somewhere between the request being denied and the rate limit message being generated.

/wet blanket mode

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Already found everything about it already here:


If it doesn’t know it doesn’t know. AI knows roughly what I meant, but since it has no details on the Cuttles, it just lies about them. Like asking what Felix told the vets about the Ceremony of the Guardian of Gold in the book Armor by John Steakley. It didn’t read the book, just the title/author/synopsis perhaps and will lie again and again about what it doesn’t know…

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ChatGPT describes it as very similar to the Cuttlethunk, but some differences, more randomness:

Certainly! In the game Boundless, a Cuttletrunk is a fascinating flying creature that inhabits the imaginative and diverse worlds within the game’s universe. It is a unique and visually striking creature that captures the attention of players with its distinct appearance and behavior.

The Cuttletrunk is a flying creature with a body resembling that of a large cephalopod, specifically a cuttlefish. It possesses a cylindrical body covered in smooth, iridescent skin that shines with an array of vibrant colors. The colors can range from deep blues and greens to radiant purples and pinks, creating a mesmerizing visual display as it glides through the skies.

One of the most striking features of the Cuttletrunk is its bioluminescent display. Along its body and underbelly, it possesses a series of luminescent patterns that emit a soft, ethereal glow. These patterns can be highly intricate and unique to each individual Cuttletrunk, acting as a means of identification and communication among the species.

The Cuttletrunk’s tentacles are another notable characteristic. It possesses several long, slender tentacles that extend from its head, each lined with small, suction cup-like structures. These tentacles serve various purposes, including hunting, manipulating objects, and interacting with its environment. They allow the Cuttletrunk to exhibit remarkable agility and dexterity in the air.

In terms of behavior, Cuttletrunks are known for their curious and intelligent nature. They are highly adaptable creatures that are capable of navigating through complex aerial environments with ease. They often exhibit a playful demeanor, performing aerial acrobatics and interacting with other creatures or players in the game.

Cuttletrunks primarily feed on airborne organisms such as insects and small flying creatures. They possess a sharp beak-like mouth, hidden within their tentacles, which they use to capture and consume their prey. Despite their predatory nature, they are generally peaceful creatures unless provoked or threatened.

Encountering a Cuttletrunk while exploring the worlds of Boundless can be an awe-inspiring experience. The combination of its vibrant colors, bioluminescent patterns, and graceful flight creates a sense of wonder and enchantment. These creatures add to the immersive and imaginative world of Boundless, inviting players to engage with the game’s rich ecosystem and embark on thrilling adventures.

I input the third paragraph alone into and got this:

I realized it need more and input the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs and got this which is a lot closer although not as blue and luminous =)

Thank you ChatGPT!


Thats cool ! @LeoSharpless

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Asked ChatGPT to describe an Oortian character and from that prompt, I get this from


No shirts but bracers and shin guards and sandals are a bit of an improvement =)


I predict the word “loincloth” showed up in that description.