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Haha, good timing again! :slight_smile: I’m at the exo station now, will leave in 10 or so!

ETA: I’m going to have to make a detour home for a couple warp blocks lol so may leave quick and come back in a few. :flushed:

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Damn i if only i waited another 5 minutes! I just warped here lol, had to respecc to get the protections on the warp planet lol - thanks for the offer tho Paka! :smiley:

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No prob! :smiley: I’ll probably head back again later this evening after this run, anybody interested, just post, I’ll work around what works good for you! :slight_smile:

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Is anyone on world that can post the percentage of blink on the resource tab right now? If its below a quarter of original I may not even bother.

Edit: Comment now moot


Does anyone have a spare hundred of each type of wood? I forgot to get wood I was so excited about glowcaps :confounded:

Ancient wood -574n -729e

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