Chisel help

trying to make a half block the same shape as the whole block cant seem to cut the corner off is there any way to do it?

as u can see the shape I want is on the left but need to make the half block the same shape any help would be wonderful.

Have you tried a precise slope chisel with the chisel epic skill? I believe it’s the silver one

Or the gold precise bevel may give you the shape you want

I tried the silver will have to try the gold hope I can get it or my roof won’t look right

In playing with the chisels I’ve noticed that sometimes the chisel needed isn’t always the chisel you would think it would be for certain angles

You can only do half block with bevel and square type chisel, it won’t work with the slope type one. if i understand what you trying to do is an angled half block which is impossible to do.

Well that stinks hope the devs fix this

Thanks for saving me time will just have to use a gold chisel to get close to the shape until they fix this

attached are all the possible chisel shapes in the game.

I wouldn’t put out any hope for the devs to introduce more shapes, since those would either rely on making a hole new chisel type tool (could be done) or changing the underlying grid system of points [the 8 corners of a block] and I can’t see a chance of that happening since that would mean a total revamp of how blocks are animated in the game.

But I hope the pic helps:

The block you want, half slab 45’slope isnt possible sorry. The bevel chisels offer a lot more flexibility than the slopes and I’d advise considering them for any future angled constructions

Yea the one time I decided to do a slope design it bit me in the butt. Should of stuck with old school square.