Chisel Town ⍒Themed Town

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I would join the event but i am not the greatest of builders I have a few ideas but I have no clue on how to get a design done on MagicVoxel. Is there anything else that i could use to submit a design? if i do not participate i will come and see everyone’s progress :smile:

@GurtLushSalmon Choose a plot and I will make a cool design for you :slight_smile: Just collect a LOT of materials :slight_smile:

Awesome event, not my style of build though. I won’t be participating. Might record it though.


i’ll take plot 35 if possible :smiley:

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Sure @Juksefantomet. Plot 35 is yours, keep in mind it’s a big plot! If you need some help with design feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Hey @Karokendo. Ill take plot 30 as well if you dont mind. :slight_smile: ill download that program tonight when i get off work and start my design.

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Sure Sam :slight_smile: Build something cool there! :smiley:

We definitely need some people who will record this event! :slight_smile: I’d be glad to have you there as a cameraman :smiley:


is there a plot height limit? can i go more that 3 plots high? maybe one more, i dont want to be too tall if everyone else is lower

Cool, I’ll find some nice perspective. Can share raw video with anyone who’s gonna make a video anyway so there are more viewing angles :slight_smile:


There is no height limit :slight_smile: Only restriction is to keep it look medieval. We actually aim to make this city buildings at least 2 story high.


going for a castle style build, inspired by the towers i made this morning :smiley:


Ok great, i will continue working on my design, its too simple right now

Dibs on 9 if that’s cool?

I’m fairly new (level 20 currently) so feel free to turn me down. If it’s still available and allowed id like to reserve plot 29. Would like to make a small 2 to 3 story building medieval themed like described. Probably 1st fl would be small market and top fl personal home.

Let me know if this is ok :slight_smile:
Oh also my ign is thetiinx.

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I have to work at my new job that day I think. But this is an event I wholeheartedly support, therefore, I will be a stationary stream cam on twitch from high above the event. I will post the twitch link as the event draws near. I can capture the footage after and maybe time lapse it. Man I want a shop in town. Fingers crossed about being available.


I’m glad you want to participate! :slight_smile: Plot 29 is yours @TinxE

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okaaaay @slyduda I’m assigning you a plot 9! Make something really cool there! :smiley:


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I would like take 22.


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Plot 22 is yours @ivanderful. We will help you with the design :slight_smile:

thaks guys !!!