Chisel Town ⍒Themed Town

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can the city have a poorperson house? or does it need al to be grand
would be funny for me to have a schack lol

I’m not sure about that, maybe in different district of the city in the future, but plots by the Hub must look well designed.

plot 35 is open again if anyone else wants it. i do not require it. please unassign it from me.

Slums in future? :joy:

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Okey @Juksefantomet, good luck :slight_smile:

@boundmore I don’t want to call it that way oficially :joy:

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I met someone (probably you, sorry not sure anymore) promoting this event on weekend on Therka Market.
I would like to participate and have some building plot. From currently open plots I would like to have 26, 27 or 20 if possible.

I assigned you plot #26. Please let me know if you’ll need any help with design :slight_smile: Please read guidelines and collect materials before the event! Good luck :smiley:

I am trying to make design with MagicaVoxel and approve it here. About materials 2k trunks for building seems much but gathering it won’t be problem :slight_smile:.

I already took plot 19 lol

Hey @Karokendo I need 3x4 plots for this, not sure if theres room. A nice large inn would look just right in the city.


I love this. I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do. Something small, that’s for sure lol.

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Ok lol was thinking off mrrowind hehe i mzke it nice a manor

Insane design :slight_smile: I can assign you płot #5 and one more below it. It will be 3x4 plots large. Is it okay for you? :slight_smile:

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Is the rectangle below it part of plot 5 too? If so that will be perfect

I will assign these plots to you. Good job on that building, it perfectly marches city concept.


Thanks @Karokendo ill make something up this evening now that i have some free time and id Like to get your input. So ill dm you tonight at somepoint. Its currently 10am here lol

I want the smallest plot available please give me a number. I’ll also be streaming the build on twitch if that is ok.

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I assigned you plot #31 :slight_smile: good luck with your design!

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Thank you and if y’all ever need help excavating a place i love the grind :slight_smile:

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Just to make sure 1 square = 1 claim area yes? But the foundations are already there just gotta find it :slight_smile: