Chopping and gravity

I remember a post on the old forum about trees falling over when chopped… being that this is an alien world and nothing should be just as on earth, I thought some trees could float off like a balloon and regrow later or sprout legs and run off screaming…

Most things should fall tho… imagine exploring an underground tunnel and you come upon another player… You shoot a fireball at the wall causing it to collapse onto the other player killing him instantly.

“eep! my rings are showing!”

I like the idea of ballooney plants. There are these roundly leaf structures which I like a lot. Those could float up after being triggered. One thing is - what happens if you dig a lot of leaves that are below other ones which are still fix?

Actually floating trees would be a funny fix for people who dont cut down the tops of the trees. It could be once the connected leaf blocks are more than the logs, then it will start floating away :stuck_out_tongue:

cool idea :slight_smile:

That got quite morbid very quickly 0.0
Remind me not to go tunneling near your base.


I do not see how pvp is morbid… I did not recommend tearing the player in half… The idea was that if you found a dungeon with treasure inside, you would attack others too for the sake of getting the treasure or killing the boss 1st.

Somehow I believe there is a certain unlogic to computer games. And each calls for its own individual and appropriate unlogical element(s).
I’m not sure if a landscape morph, in terms of melting hills, would fit into Oort. Tumbling voxelblocks like collapsing voxelcaves sounds very next-gen or not yet seen to me. Although I like the image of dynamite in a tunnel system in order to blow up voxelspace and therefore the downpour of (explosively) mined items.

I’m all for physical blocks that I can crush my friends with “by accident” :sunglasses: I do that a lot in Starbound with the sand blocks.

As for the tree idea, I think it’s cute if it were to fly away if you had started chopping only the bottom part of the trunk!
Even the sprouting leg thing is cute, I think there are ore types in Wildstar that have a rare chance of actually being a creature that stands up and tries to escape you when you try to gather it. I found that kinda fun :smiley: