Chromis I Color Surveys - May - Theme Poll

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It’s time for the May surveys for [Chromis I] --[T3 - Rugged Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]!

Chromis I is a world where the colors change every month based on community poll!

As always, there will be two polls. The first will determine the theme, or color palette, that will be used for the second poll. The second poll will determine the specific colors for each block. Ties are resolved through random number generator.
Color selections are hand-picked to match the theme while also ensuring most options are not currently available on known worlds.

Additionally, at any time, anyone is welcome to request that a color be added to the survey, regardless of the theme. This world is here to help you get the colors you want! Make sure you take a look at to check if your desired color is sovereign selectable.

Theme Survey: (May 2 - May 8)
Color Survey: (May 9 - May 15)

Edit: The survey was delayed by exhaustion from both Mother’s Day outings and trying to finish up our kitchen IRL. The color survey is still coming!


Alright, here is your theme survey for May!

  • Spider-Man (Blue, Red, Black)
  • May (Bright Pinks, Blues, Purples)
  • Spring (Greens, Bright flower colors)
  • Mountain Sunset (Dark Oranges, Blues, Pinks)

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Reserved for color survey, coming ~May 9.

One of our little ones has a birthday this month, and it will be Spider-Man themed, so I threw that in there. We’ll have another birthday theme option next month.

The little ones are too little to really care if Chromis is themed like their birthday, the option is there for fun, not for them :slight_smile:


I picked it only because I like Spider-Man I didn’t even know y u did it till after I finished it


It’s super awesome how well Spider-Man is doing. I did not expect that! :smiley:

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I think everyone just wants to make Spider-Man statues

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That would be super awesome if we start seeing random Spider-Man statues all over the place. I hope there are enough good sov selectable colors to make the statues super awesome!