Chunk/Mesh Question


So I have found that flowers count toward this limit. My question is this:

If I were to remove all the flowers, build over them (the flowers would be in a reserved plot) and place items in the chunk/mesh and were to reach the limit (or very close) BEFORE the flowers respawn, what would happen?

My hope would be the flowers just would not be able to respawn just like I cannot place an object when I hit the limit. So @james @vdragon or any other developers what is the answer? Or is this something that has not happened yet?


Hmm weird never knew they counted towards the limit. Thought it was only interactable things like shelves shop stands machines request baskets signs


Ouch! Haha just one more reason I’m glad I didn’t settle on a flower field.
Just running through them makes my mac nearly crash and burn lol


Well there’s your problem…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really would like to know the answer to this.


whoops nobody told me

I didn’t even know about the mesh limit when i started this - glad I got away with the shop i wanted downstairs.

The first time I hit the mesh limit, it was storage boxes heh.


@james Any answers to my question?


I’m pretty sure you noticed that the mesh issue is based on a chunk which is 2x2 plots column. If you are able to adjust the build some to spread out over 2 different chunks you can save yourself a lot of problems. Also your chunk could be shared by another person so they might use up the mesh count…

The only way to stop flower respawn would be to clear them out and plot the land. The mesh system should only take into account the plotted land - if I remember right from my previous testing a year ago. Natural land (unplotted) isn’t affected by this.

I did ask them to at least increase it from 512 to like 1024 or something. Or find a way to average out the mesh count over a 2x2 Chunk group (4x4 plot). This distribution would help somewhat. I know this has to deal with rendering but I still think it is too tight a number at 512.


The limit is on placing and not on regen.

So removing the flowers. Placing meshes. Then regen returns the flowers would allow you over the mesh limit.


What happen is we built a platform over a flowered area and the mesh was like 144 or something. A plot nearby with no flowers was 0 with the platform overhead. Then we harvested the flowers and watched the mesh go down for each flower that was removed. Not really an option do “Move or spread out”.


Thank you @james. I just wanted to make sure we did not add something, the flowers come back, then we lose what was above it because of the mesh.