[Cilpara I] --[Lush Tier 4 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


If we are lucky some spawn on land


I think it’s one of the prettiest planets so far. The fuchsia coloured stones are lovely.


I just love this blue grass…love this planet



As far as I can tell the only thing missing is Tangle & Glacier.


Another good place for gleam…there are two of these clam thingies side by side :blush: Come join me and bring your regen bombs! NO WAIT…there are 3 clam shells on land by the water!


It is a beautiful planet, love the color of the foliage and the silk cherry of one of the rocks. Not wild about the others but that is just personal taste. I thik that some of the colors can be found on the regular planets, I have gotten wood from Tior that is the same color as the wood on Cilpara 1. Dark Turquoise and I think the slik cherry rock can be found on another regular planet. Not a big deal, i really don’t care, just curious/confused.

Regen bombs don’t work on exo planet, right?

Are the critters on exo planets more grouchy? I have maxed the skills that should have them ignore me butt it seems with the spitters and hoppers they all want to attack me. From the level 1 to the highest level as soon as they see me they attack. I can kill most of the, but you get three or more and a couple times I died.

Oh, and be ready for a swim when you come back to the planet after dying or go to the sanctum. Was mining and hubby wanted me to help him so didn’t think went to the sanctum. Came back and was up in the air a bit then dropped into the water. Another time when the hoppers, there were several and I was up in a tree but two jumped high and exploded and I died. I also respawned hanging over water.

Not complaining, just surprised. At least I wasn’t high over rocks and died again or over lava, just have never had that happen before.


they do work.


The regen bombs just won’t work on plants, gems, etc. Plants will regen on their on after a few hours (I think).

They work on trees & gleam.


Nothing regenerates naturally on an exo planet.


I was search it - but dont found it! /sight!


Oh No! If you want to meet up I can take you there…we can friend and you can warp to me…


I must have missed a change, because I know I tried Regen on earlier exos to no avail.

Guess they do work. Kinda bummed about that. I appreciated the scarcity. :unamused:

Also it’s kinda fun to watch the planet evolve (degrade) as players dig in and clear the place out. True the resources don’t come back, but I’d put gleam in that category too. Very little has any value when it can just be reproduced just like that.


There’s only two things that are disabled on exos (somebody correct me if there’s something else too)

  • Beacons
  • Natural regen

Regen bombs work just as they do in normal worlds as in they regen blocks, not resources.


That Sounds gd - rly thank you :smiley:


thanks for sharing, that spot was nice. I drowned several times the day before for an 1/8 of what I got today lol


so glad I could help…and I sympathize for the drowning! LOL! :joy: I was getting one piece at a time too…now I have 2000ish Whoop whoop! :nerd_face::star_struck:


YW! :grin: