Circarpous - Help and tips - possibly guild


Hello hello. o/

Recently moved to Circarpous and building a base with partner. Very early stages but don’t mind a slower pace than most (as focusing a lot/too much on another mmo).
We are only 2 in our guild so far and would love to connect to the community more, been a tad lonely since the other 8 players that were in ours before stopped. Would appreciate any building pointers, a portal to a nice little hub and potentially align ourselfwith/join a guild since ours will never achieve a lot as it is. Still not level 50 so kinda green still… well… dark viridian at least :wink:

Hope to hear from some nice people soon :blush:


Heya, we have the capital on circ, New Nixia. We have local portals available at our hub, and are working on a huge ‘new residential area’ where we’ll open up plots for people to build whatever they like alongside us. Feel free to grab a token at the hub (few 2×1s available up the west end), or give us a yell if youre interested in some plot space and we can free some up, we’re still building roads etc though so it’ll be a bit of work in progress for a little while.


Someone beat you to it and joined their guild but definitely will get my footfall as I use your shops and portals a lot.
Ps: love the white tree mini park


Good to hear you found a guild, and are enjoying our little town too. Best of both worlds!