Clarify the perk sharing for pledges

I was just reviewing the pledge perks and their is an implied reference that perks are shared somehow by negative proof with the (1of) nomenclature.

The fact that perks can be shared and they are not even attached to keys is a very important benefit to point out, especially for families. It is my understanding that the number of “shareable” perks is the same as the number of instant access keys and there will be an in-game UI to select who gets the perk once the game launches.

Maybe that has changed? Either way. I believe this should be given 1st class attention in the pledge section.


The intention hasn’t changed, but the presentation of the perks has changed to try and make it clearer what you get. I’m a little confused by your definition of “shareable” perks, so I’ll run through the way it works here, and hopefully we’re all thinking the same thing:

All the perks listed (apart from the ones that have “1 of” next to them) are given to each player using an “Instant Access” key. For example Pioneer gets two “Instant Access” keys, and each of those two players has a Pioneer title, can craft and exclusive weapon, wearable and tool, gets a message in the credits etc. The “Extra Launch Keys” can be given to friends on launch of the game and receive no benefits at all, they are just the game.

The perks that have “1 of” by them are one per tier purchase, rather than one per key, but they are all outside of the game so there won’t need to be an interface to swap them between players. So for example “Signed artwork” is a single piece of physical artwork mailed out, and “Design an in-game item” will be a collaborative process of chatting about ideas, us creating some concept art, and then iterating until we settle on the final design. The design perks (world and in-game item) and the Skype can be shared by families as they can be group activities.

Is that how you were thinking they worked? Do you think we need to make it clearer on the site?


I may have misinterpreted it, but I read that there will be a separate UI in the game to choose who gets the added perks, like the extra beacon space and the title. It would be ashamed if it was tied to the keys themselves, because I gave those away already and I would not have been able to reward them to people who already have the game like my daughter and firends.

Ok, so I’m a little concerned about the (1 of) feature. In my case, my tier was purchased by myself, @karko, @GenocideAngel, and @p0l4rb34r. Only myself and genocide live together. Could a exception be made for our case, since we purchased our tier nearly a year ago? I would hate to have to make us pick and choose who gets what part of our shared package.

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Tahru – I’ve dug into this a bit more and you’re right to say that the perks are not actually connected to the “Instant Access” keys at the moment, they can be given to whoever you want by contacting us and we set them up. Whether we continue to do that manually, or build an interface, or link them to the keys is still up in the air, but as you say it could be considered a benefit to be able to choose who they go to, so maybe we should stick with that.

Havok40k – you guys are Masters so your “1 of” perks are signed artwork and designing a public world, which of those are you concerned about having to share?


As @olliepurkiss explains, the intention is to allow the “Purchaser” to bless the extra perks + privileges up to the limit of the # of Instant Access keys. (So nothing has changed.)

(We have to follow the “blessing” process because the keys given out are simply Base Game or Collector’s Edition keys. And we have no way of querying Steam for additional info.)

As an example @Havok40k as the “Purchaser” will be able to add @Karko, @GenocideAngel and @P0L4RB34R to be blessed with “Master” perks.

This interface isn’t available yet, as many of the perks aren’t available. It’ll likely come late in development.

Hope this matches everyone’s expectations.


This is how I understood it. It adds a lot of value to the pledges. Currently the package comments say

The “Instant Access” keys give access to the game today via Steam Early Access and will unlock the tier’s perks once they become available in game.

Which is inaccurate and underplays what an awesome benefit it is. Maybe it should just be a different line in the pledge perks like “2x Blessings” that happens to be the same number as the instant access keys. That way it stands out for what it is.

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Ok understood. We need to fix that. Sorry - and thanks for pointing it at.

(Basically miss communication between me and @olliepurkiss. It’s on me - don’t think he knew what we had planned - as it was discussed before he joined. It’s the fog of development war!)


“miss communication”…is that like “miss take”? As in Marvelous Miss Take? Did you just make a Wonderstruck pun? :sunglasses:


I guess technically, the number of blessings is the number of instant access keys minus one, because one key for the the account owner.

When you sign-in they’ll be an section for entering the usernames for blessing. Once entered it’ll be locked.

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