Cleanse skill points

I mistakenly burned through all my skill cleanse points after thinking that it was letting me unselect and reselect them for free!! Sillllly.

Now how do I get more?

Because there is a limited number of skill points it doesn’t feel like there is enough to do all the end game content without wasting cleanse points over and over. Just like the world protection points ect…
How do you get around this?

Is the answer to build multiple characters?

Leveling up will give you cleanse points.
You can also buy cleanse points with cubits.

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that helps getting different skills covered faster than levelling for new skill pages

however, if you managed to get a few hundred levels before your hiatus, you can well invest cubits in new skill pages

that is a feature actually, but only up until level 20; after that it’s skill pages (takes time to get a few though!)

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Wait are you saying there are multiple skill pages to select from? / level up… Interesting if so!!

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You can have 5 skill pages per character.


Indeed. You must pay with cubits to unlock one skill page though.

What level are you anyway? Are you far past 50 levels? You can take a look at your skill page and check how many unspent skill points you have. If you have more than 100 than it’s good to go for at least one additional skill page.

That’s awesome. Letttsss gooooo.
Umm, I’m 50+. Don’t know exactly until
I get home and check.

Think I have about 25 unspent skill points.
Happy to keep farming levels on one toon rather than making new ones though. Thanks for the great info!


Here’s a tip about additional character slots. Once you have one, you can make/remake as many characters in it as you want. One at a time of course. So, here we go:

  • Buy an additional character slot.
  • Create a new character.
  • Play him/her just long enough to earn cubits for another character slot. (the very first are fastest).
  • Buy an additional character slot with those first cubits.
  • Repeat until 10 slots are open.
  • Delete these temporary characters.

Having done that you will have all of the available character slots, having only “lost” or “wasted” (if that’s how you feel about it) the cubits for one slot. Someone who saw this tip before they have spent any significant time in game could start with a throwaway and all of the slots would be effectively free.

Anyways doing this when you have some time and especially earlier makes it a lot easier if you decide to play additional characters later. It also saves you from running into a spot where you decide you absolutely need another toon in the middle of some sort of push and suddenly cubits are a problem.


What level would you take the new characters too?

Level 6 or something? It’s relatively trivial.

Added Later:

I created a new character. First level chests are 100 cubits. There are charts around about XP/level but I ran a new char to my base, started 2 stacks of earthyams cooking, and did some tutorial stuff.

The XP from leveling chests and creep/run/swim feats and the tutorial chests pushed me to level 5, visiting a couple or regions/worlds would have got me to level 7 no problem. I think you don’t get cubits for “level 1”.

Anyways I just went back to the furnaces with the 2 stacks of yams. They were almost 2/3 done (~380 yams each remaining). That pushed me to level 7 and got me more chests, With chests for opening chests I got to level 8.

I have 700 cubits, 2140 coin, I’m almost level 9, and I have more earthyams cooking. It’s been 31 minutes but also I’ve been messing around a little. I might honestly have stayed in place and done it with tutorial rewards and feats just a hair faster.

If I was just buying slots I would have already moved on from this guy. You might need all your slots full to open another but I can’t remember - that’s why I said delete them all at the end. It might be fine to delete them when they’re each done.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or what you can do … buy a character slot for 600 cubits
With that new character run through the region xp from region 1 to 16 (which will give you 600 cubits) then buy another character slot and do this until you have 10 chars :man_shrugging:


Yes but what is the point of having 10 characters that’s what I don’t quite get? Unless you just plan on using them all for specific roles and leveling all of them to be useful…

When the game first released, there wasn’t an economy. It took a lot more time to level without forged tools and whatnot. You needed a bunch of characters or a group that was working together if you wanted to be able to make everything. Now you only need a couple of characters with multiple skill pages and you can do everything. I’d venture to guess that most of us only use a single character now, and possibly a second for some off-crafting/forging.

Now, there are a bunch of folks that use the 10 characters to get a bunch of plots quicker than it takes to get it on a single character. I don’t remember the total numbers, but I believe you get more cubits leveling to 50 than you do with the same amount of experience for the same amount of cubits after 50. People used them to plot and get extra footfall.

Are the cubits shared across your account or bound to each player? The plots would be useful!

Bound to the character. It is why many got them to 50, and stopped actively leveling their alts after that.

If your Like Me’s you’ll be saying I don’t have enough “Plots” Everyday :laughing:


I like where it’s going.
Please tell us more.

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