Closed Storage indicator that something is stored inside!

I do remember someone else already making this suggestion but I thought it deserved it’s own thread!

I am using a sort of post office to leave items behind back and forth with others, they were 4x4 storage blocks with one of them being a request basket so we could leave coin as well. Quite handy, but with the new closed storage I made it quite a bit more compact, now only using 2x2 block spaces and can actually store more inside.

But what I really miss is that I now can’t by quickly looking at them if there’s something inside or not!

Perhaps an alternative recipe where you add gleam to the recipe for any of the storage boxes which then gives a small light when it contains something?


Personally, I would like it if looking at a chest would list its top 3 item contents, or something like that.

It would save a lot of opening/closing storage interfaces just to find out that’s not where you left the glue (or whatever).



This is a great idea

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Even just “XXXX Items” would be great.


I know right! I’m all the time trying to remember which one my stuff is in when I have stacked closed storages. Same with shop stands that have a sale in them. Perhaps glow a little?

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I lost a stack of marble a week or so ago and still haven’t found it. Part of my brain says OMG it got deleted but the other part says relax, your lost stuff turned up fine the other 99 times :joy:

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You could always put a trap door on top, leave it up for empty chests and put it down for full ones.

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I just use 1 storage block for each 4 chests… so if the chests contain different items then my 4 slots indicate what item is held in each (also yells at my OCD that i need to hoard moar) whereas if they are for the same item then a full slot on the storage block indicates a full chest.

Personally, I would like that area under the lock to be a label. I make the chest out of the color to be stored inside, and I would like to be able to print that color on the outside, as so many are close to one another. (Yes, I am going to be doing the column stacks with a sign on top, but this would be handy.)

This was my idea :slight_smile: hehe
Worth necroing for sure

I’d also really like to be able to use shop scanner to find stuff in my own storage. The number of times i’ve gone looking for my single stack of glass panes or portal blocks amongst my thousands of items in storage…

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So this was brought to my attention that having any information show would defeat the purpose of a closed system. Having the closed storages helps with rendering. I’m assuming having the data show would mean it has to render in a sense. Is there a way this can be done without comprising the closed system @james?

Quit lying Dk. We all know you don’t have a storage and only own a tree. Haaaa! :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: