[Closed] Universal capital city

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But the mountains only 100 blocks high,said by @KKBell. So it could be a lot bigger.

Ok, so here’s the latest!

Here’s a shot of the current spawn area (e.g. the capital teleport would take you to the center of this):

And a top down overview:

Screenshots of all the biomes, and tweaks since last post:


  • Much less likely to spawn next to a jungle
  • Gleam is less likely to shine through (shouldn’t be as overpowering)


  • Stone pillars are smaller, and far less likely to spawn.


  • Much more likely to spawn between desert and steppes.


  • Moved to a higher altitude.
  • More sand coverage.


  • More likely to spawn, and more likely to show up as ranges
  • More snow.
  • Mountains have massive cavern systems; watch your step!
  • Mountain caves spawn shrubs w/ gleam stems

World builder bug: I’m using strata to ice cap the mountains (since there’s no minY constraint for substrate); but if I give that strata depth or Y noise, the entire strata disappears for random chunks


Is this already with tweaked vastness/size of the desert and forests?

Yeah, the biomes are much more sprawling now; I just tried to get a spawn point that had a good mix of everything. Here’s what the overall map looks like (the lit up area is what most screenshots above cover):

yellow: oasis
red: desert
green: jungle
purple: steppes
blue: mountain

I’m not sure, for me it still seems rather small for a desert^^ but maybe it’s not practical to have bigger bioms?

We´ll once some fighting mechanics are implemented we could host battles or tournaments there but even if we don’t really ‘use’ it it would still look amazing.

I think there is no problem with several builds in one mountain since we can build in layers:

Sorry for my paint skills but I think you get what i mean :smile:

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Of all the deserts in that overview, the one at spawn is literally the smallest. That’s not necessarily bad, but it might start to feel cramped by the forests when building there.

Hmmm i think this map would be better if the mountain spawn rate is set a bit down, the frequencey of the biome noise is set a bit down making everything somewhat larger. and then maybe just shrink the oasis just a little?

(Also i can’t perform tweaks myself as my mac refuses to coorporate :frowning: )

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Be thinking more about what buildings to feature, don’t worry about where to put them until we’re actually on the ground planning the layout. We may find a better way once we see the world in person.


Thanks to both of your for giving me an understanding. :slight_smile:

One last question, What is the world going to be called?

Good question. @James, want us to name the world or will y’all do that?

Whatever you want.

Where did you get the names for the other worlds? Are they randomly selected, or is there a system to them?

They are cyphers of famous scientists names or what ever it is called where you jumble the letters up.

Well yeah,I don’t see anything with one mountain,just I think it will seem cramped and smaller than a accurate city. I’m not a very good drawer,but I wish I could show what I see,so you could take from that and build on it.
Picture this,a mountain with 5-6 other mountains around it. In the middle would be the main city build,arena below,etcetera. The other mountains will have little shops and such. We have big bridges connecting them all together.

Sounds like a sort of Dwarven fortress city theme. I like it. Any other ideas for city themes? I suppose as many people talking about cities now, we might as well start brainstorming ideas.

I’d like to invite you to create a suggestions thread to name this city! We need something soon though, preferably before this world goes live.

It would be nice,anything would be nice it’s Oort after all. But,if we went with my idea,I think the bridge ps would be a nice touch.

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nevir, this is extraordinary! If it’s not a problem could i get the file from you so i can look at it in fly mode?