Coil worn out when condition is more than halfway

I made an auto stone maker. It shows that its worn out when it shows that it’s condition is more than halfway! It’s behind the east sasquatchville portal in alder. In the garden there’s a shop with shadow red gleam supposed to sell exo blocks. Theres a trapdoor that leads to it. If you’d like to see it. it’s in there.

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Would you be illustrate this further with some screenshots to accompany your comments?

The hp that shows is from all the coils and machines together irrc. So if it shows half the hp that could mean half your coils are broken

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The health bar on coils/machines is unified, it is showing a health value for all the coils and machine combined.

“normally”, the coils and machine wear out at the exact same rate (and heal via spanner at the exact same rate and hitting any part of the machine or any of its coils heals everything together) so that they are all identical in terms of health percentage; but the engine-beam dealing damage occurs only on that particular power coil, so in that instance the coil itself can wear out much faster and completely without the other coils and machine taking any damage at all.

The unified health value display is a somewhat complex combination of the coils/machine health (and as say, normally makes no difference since they all wear out and heal at the same rate usually) but is such that itll only show 100% health if all coils and the machine are at 100%, will only show 0% health if the machine is completely worn-out, regardless of the coil healths, and else is some combination of the coil/machine health values such that any individual part wearing out will reduce the combined health, and healing any singular part (not that you really “can” heal just 1 single part; but you could remove a power coil and replace with one having a higher health value which would be equivalent) increases the combined health display.


Power Coils can break 8 blocks each before they become worn out. Advanced Power Coils can break 16. So you can keep track of how long they have left till they need repairing again

a strange visual glitch.:frowning: I’m sad it had to be this way

alternative would be making the power beam damage not just that one coil, but all coils and the machine together! :stuck_out_tongue:

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that would help A LOT. it only destroys like 4 blocks (even though it’s an advanced coil!) and then it gets worn out

He meant that it’d still break one block, but damage all coils. No thanks :smiley: Or did I misunderstand?

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Thankyou for the offer but I think it’s okay the way it is :laughing: