Coils Goes Negative Durability

Power Coils seem to go negative when they are already worn out and you use the machine.

durability is actually allowed to go negative explicitly in the code, so not sure to call it a bug.

Ok so that’s normal ?


Reasons it’s good: means whenever a coil has durability left, we show the power beam, and it will provide power. Regardless of how much wear ‘would be’ caused to the coils for the recipe. So ui is nice and simple and visibly it all syncs. It goes negative instead of clamping then, to prevent gaining an advantage that would encourage using nearly worn coils.

If a coil only provided power when it had ‘enough’ durability, the ui would be really confusing having to show why some recipes receive more power than others (one causes more wear and so some coils, evwn though they show power-beams, wouldnt be able to be used)… confusing.

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