Coils Kicks in :D

Ultima Aqua Hub Inc. On Finata proudly presents new adv compactor coils :slight_smile:

We take orders for compactig coal for u :slight_smile:
Just brings us mats and small fee for spark expense and service :slight_smile:


Yay advanced compactor coils :smiley:

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This guy. I feel like a hooker here. Being sold off for my coils :wink:

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You’re finding too many gems. :joy:

It’s what I do. We aren’t called Miner’s Inc. For nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

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took you guys no time at all for that…I just barely got adv workbench coils in the past 24 hrs

Well we had normal workbench a few hours after Portal Seekers got theirs up. Then immediately got refinery up about 6 hours later. Then we spent a while gathering mats for some forged items. Then got Extractor and Advanced Compactor up at literally the same time heh

Might be taking you guys up on that! Got some coal that needs compacting lol

Compacted coal is so nice. Using a single compacted coal to cook almost 200 stews is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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