Coin in basket trouble

I play on ps4, trying to put coin in baskets, the text box appears but cannot type the amount I want in baskets on raxxa this did happen once before if I remember it was a bug.

Also, I added bitter beans to a stand I put the price I wanted for them but the stand shows as empty. Like there is no stock when there is.

There’s two separate issues here. When you mentioned baskets, I presume you mean the blue Request Baskets?

Is the number pad not appearing on the top left when you press the X button within the Set Price box?

Have you made sure that coin has been added to the Request Basket Budget tab?

I rebooted the game and issue is resolved, yes this happens sometime, or I will be adding coin to a basket or an items to a stand and I get booted to sanctum. The request basket issue and pc stand issue is working now. Thankyou,

Had this issue the other day, couldn’t edit sign text either. Went into the sanctum and back again and it resolved

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