Coin Tap Revamp


From a new player perspective:

An auction house / market board would help balance prices, and would be much quicker and easier to buy/sell items and keep track of what is in high or short supply.

Having said that, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going around and seeing the wonderful places people have built to display their wares, and if it weren’t for the need to move around to go and buy/sell items, I very much doubt I’d have had any interaction with other players for a long time.

I can not code for the life of me or anything of the sort, so I do not know how easy or if you even could implement this idea which kind of combines the two points above: Perhaps the creation of a search function for the item you’re looking for, which will give you results of shop stands with that item on, the sale price and the location of the shop stand, this way you can quickly find out where you need to go, and go there - If you’re not bothered about exploration, it can be as quick as just going and grabbing it, but if you are you get to see some of the builds and planets on your way through.

As far as generating currency for players outside of purely trading with others, some ideas as follows:

  • Edit the mint value for items to be closer (but still less than to create incentive for player to player interaction) to average market value. I’m aware this could be quite hard to maintain as it’s a player-run economy and prices can fluctuate all the time.

  • Adding coin itself as a drop from monsters / meteors etc. I would be against generic blocks unless it was significantly scaled down in comparison to monsters for example, due to the sheer ease of just going at it with a hammer/axe/shovel for hours.

Unfortunately I don’t really understand how Footfall works, so I can’t comment on that, but this is my view from someone who’s had the game for about a week now.


On the Economy and coin Revamp.

I think the Economy is fine, there new features on the way to add to the game play and what one can use coins for.

In a perspective, starting out players are limited on what they can do and money they can make. More a player plays, more they can do, more they can make money.

Point out that portal networks are ran by a group of players, which requires them to burn oort to keep the portals open, less player activity means let footfall for these networks to stay open.

Shops are a way to make money on playing the game. I have a few. More time I put in to stocking my shops with stuff more I earn on players visiting and spending. Location plays a role in these things. Running hunts can be profitable if hunts are your thing. Sell the oort to the networks.

And for the Gathers and harvesters that had ones thrown away all there leaves after farming for barriers now dump in the coin machine for a few extra coin. Rule of thumb is that one can make more coin selling in the shop then dumping in the coin machine. I had shadow orbs sitting in my shops for a while now. There not selling, every once in a while they will. Other things sell quicker, and keeping up on the price rates affect moving of goods.

Anyways plenty of ways to make coin, just figure your angle of game play to do so. Just requires effort. More effort more rewards.




Yep, tons of ways to make money, plenty even for the newest players… just have to do a little research, find the needs (or baskets!) and fill them! Lot of things even on a T1 that there are many stocked baskets out there for or that can be easily sold on a plinth if you price them right… spicy beans, leaves, farming seeds, orbs, copper, to name some.