Collapsible menues and general suggestions

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I would suggest to make a more compact menu on crafting machines, very similar to the one we have right now for the skill-point distribution page and without changing the already existing groups of recipes (example: stone tools/bombs/slbows are already all together, the same is for all the machines, with grouped recipes, exeption for the extractor wich has no sub division);

a drop down menu is what i would suggest, so when i open the workbench i will see a nice title like “Stone Equipment and Tools” / “Diamond Equip…” and clicking on the title it drop down the list of recipes of that family (as it is now)

Also could be nice to be able to pin a recipe (to see the ingredients) as we can do with an objective from the journal

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They already have categories, but I think collapsible menus would be great.


thx for the synthesis :open_mouth: english isn’t my first language and therefore i tend to write a lot xD

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This is an easy QOL fix that I think should not go unnoticed. It was mentioned before, but could you make a card in the trello and advertise it here so that we can upvote it?


also the “knowledge” page accessible from “esc” main menu would be nice with a collapsible menu


if the “cleanse skill” is going to be there also in 1.0 would be nice to see how many skill points you are going to get back when you select a skill

[edited the title as i didn’t wanted to make multiple threads in the forum]

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A way to favorite recipes along with a corisponding filter would also be nice too =)

Wonderland of QoL ideas here <3