Color non-stack

Could we get a button that doesn’t allow or stops multi-color stacks.

For example if I just want to shift click stacks of rock or sand and only get one color type to move to my inventory for quick grabbing of color + block type that would be fantastic.

It takes a lot of time to click and drag one square selection at a time or even shift click.

If I could just say that I want to pull only red rock from rock stacks, then click the button. Then when I shift click stacks only red rock moves to my inventory that would be very helpful.


This would be great for other things like food and seeds as well, since I usually don’t actually want to store all of my seeds in one pile.

If we could get this as a flag on specific chests as well, that would be good. My stone dump chest doesn’t need it, but my building materials and ore storage do.