Color of the worlds

A long time ago I noticed how depending on the planet a resource came from it had a different color code assigned to it, which didn’t always mean it had a different color appearance, just that the color code represented which planet it was associated with. And how certain color codes could influence how they merge with one another.

Today on the discord a topic was open for debate, all planets have different colored blocks or all planets but starter worlds have different colored blocks, meaning all starter planets will share the same palette.

  • All planets
  • All planets - starter worlds
  • Other

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I’m personally on the side of having all starter worlds share the same pallete, so we’re not differentiating between players who for geographical reasons will probably not be able to gather the resource themselves and rely upon trading it.

I know we don’t have that much variety and shades, but I’m sure that will change with the introduction of more planets.

Please, state your reasons for choosing one or the other, so we can let the devs know our stand on this topic.


I am tentatively voting that all planets get different color blocks. My reason for voting this way right now is not knowing how many starter planets there will be. In the current game stage with the current starter worlds I like each one being the same color. But I would like to have more information of what the Boundless universe will look like at release. Let’s take for example if the universe follows the current designs with each starter planet getting a ring planet and a moon planet. If we have 24 planets at launch potentially 8 of them would be starter planets with all having the same block colors. If we get a limited amount of starter planets and get additional planets that extend off of the starter planets that will change my vote.

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Basically my reasoning is this: if the blocks are going to be the exact same colour (ugh) fine, but please make them stack together (into 99 not a smart stack). However if they cannot be stacked together or if it’s too difficult via coding, then please change the colours. I would prefer the colours to be vastly different (we already have a limited number of worlds right now why not spice it up) but I know people have builds using specific colour palettes and that might suck for them so I’m thinking a compromise with a slight variance in all the home worlds (or any block with duplicate colours) is definitely doable. I have heard a lot of people complain or reporting bugs that certain items won’t stack together (or traded in shop stands/baskets) and this would alleviate that problem as well.

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I think colors are fine. More interesting or Amazing biomes to explore and build is what we should work on.


Biome wise, there had been verrry appealing ones in an early stage of the game. So I believe, technically they still exist. I love harmonious landscapes, but also am open to experimental, or fantasy ones. Sorry to say, I thoroughly have a problem with toxic world’s or lava world’s - everything that seems to be hazardous or in-inhabitable. It’s just a personal thing. I’m kinda over sensitive regarding these graphic features. Therka for example looks very basic to me. To be honest, not too exciting. But it does the job for figuring out the game. On the other hand it looks fertile and lush, and a good place to be cultivated.

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im a bit on the fence on this… i guess leaning for all starter worlds to be the same-ish.

if they do not share the same color palette then it should be at lest normal / natural… maybe each starter world could favor / emulate a season… fall winter spring summer? Not completely but have more bioms that typifies the season

if they are different then i would suggest some sort of a preview of the planet when picking the starting region… which brings up the issue of players picking what they like over the server that is closest to them and would give the best performance =/

i guess almost all mmos have unique starting zones for each race / faction and more variety is generally a good thing, but i seem stuck on the… comfort?.. that everyone has the same base line of “Normal / Vanilla” blocks and that the exotic blocks come from the moons / ring worlds.


As I understood it, the starter worlds will be “earth like” and would become more alien the further away from them you went. So more exotic colours for alien worlds.

I’m ok for the starter worlds to be the same colours, but it depends on how many there will be at launch. My expectation is that there will be several starter worlds per region purely to accommodate the number of players. As long as there is a slight variation of colours between the starter worlds in the same region, and those same colours are available in each region, I think it should be fine.


Im kinda witth twisted on this i feel kinda bad when i have to go mine other planet 1 rock color cause 2 others are the same on few other planets