Colour theory as a starting point to make the relevant palette

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the “base” node is just attached to the “unlinks” section so that we are able to expose its hue slider (right click to expose) as can see from the root node exposed as “base.hue”, that means when using this as a custom node in a world file, you would get a node with a signle slider that changes that base hue.

the 3-hunter variant 0 colours (note that in the current version released there is just 3 colours per creature, but now its defined for each variant (level) of creature too) are then all defined relative to that base colour, so changing the single hue-slider changes all 3 of the colours automatically.


Get those drop-down lists to us asap :grin:


Awesome! I shall try to understand it tonight.

Absolutely agree with @willcrutchley

Did you hear this guys?

Please, add water to the palette node :pray:
And if you will add node for other tinting (sky, fog, dawn) it will be unspeakably awesome :star_struck: Is it a problem?


yeah, if we could customise the water colour and atmosphere colour in worldbuilder itself, that would be nice. I assume that would be the only way to actually change it when we do begin to make custom worlds, unless you can edit the world config directly


This isn’t planned.

A world’s atmosphere includes the sky colours, water colour and fog colour. These are created + controlled by the tools built into the game rather than the world builder. We’re using these to help communicate other gameplay elements:

  1. Atmosphere communicates resources found on the world - for example a red atmosphere means ruby gems.
  2. Atmosphere and sky brightness is darker on harder worlds during the night.
  3. Weather and hence fog varies based on world difficulty.

Whilst these could be exposed into the World Builder it’s not a good idea as:

  1. We like to iterate gameplay and balance after a world is created. (Would be annoying to want to change the balance and need to regenerate a world.)
  2. The day / night cycles contain many unique values and colours throughout the animated cycle.

I understand why you want it - but it would make the game development much harder.


Thank you for explain.

Well, how could we add relation between sky/water colours and ground blocks? I mean “how can we sure determined sky colour will drive world’s palette?” or something like that