Combat Suggestion : 3rd Person?

So heres an idea of mine for the Oort Combat style, not sure if anyone would like this, but I think that making like a 3rd Person Combat switch mode from building mode would be pretty cool and also Hack and Slash type of combat. For me, fighting big things in first person is kinda hard to target and hit.
so… What do you think?

hack and slash in what sense? dynasty warrior style?

nah it was discussed a bit, it will either be first person or thidperson. i personally hope it’s first person since it is way more immersive, and more intense since you cant always keep tack of what is around you.

Well if we can have the two i will be ok with it.

I really liked the 3rd person combat in Cube World, and something like that in oort would be great.
But I also think they could do a lot with 1st person combat.

I agree completely
Melee combat is best in 3rd person over the shoulder
building and ranged combat is best in 1st person
allowing us to switch between the 2 options at need/will is the best solution


3rd person view will be far superior to first person. it gives more situational awareness and makes the game alot easier, it is near impossible to try to backstab somebody in third person view.

i just feel that there arent many good first person view games out there, in the end it is up to them.

So we need the ability/tools to get cloaked :wink:

…And yeah, I agree that melee is better in 3rd then 1st person. I would like to have both views implemented and an option to auto-switch when putting a melee weapon into my hands.

Dragon Nest combat would be nice.

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well it seems like there’s a 3rd person and selfie view already, so you’ve already got your wish.

they are going to have to pick one. they discuessed it on steam, they COULD maybe allow both, ESO did that, and it worked pretty well. but the problem was that 3rd person was far superior so people would rage if you used first person.

James Austin

‘‘Combat changes dramatically between 1st and 3rd person. It’s sadly not as cheap as just moving the camera. But it’s being discussed / explored. A few people have been asking about it.’’