Coming back is a bad experience

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So fix your problem by deleting your character. There is nothing that needs fixed in this. Just live with the choice you made and now choose to delete the character and start fresh easier. Next time make sure you make choices better for yourself. The game isn’t supposed to save you from making choices you don’t like. It allows you to play the style you prefer including allowing beacons to expire and thus deleting your inventory and plots or deleting your character and thus deleting all it owns as I did. Your choice. Make your choices and be happy with them.


That is no longer true about the length of fuel. Beacons fuel only goes for 4 months now. Currently the 4 month fuel is very hard to make due to materials. The 3 month fuel is pretty close to almost impossible. I would say most people are only using 2 or 1 month fuel.


Even then it’s still only three times per year. If going on vacation for a long time then just make a bunch of fuel and ask a friend or pay someone to stop by and fill your beacon once every week or two or whatever you need. Give them permissions so they can take fuel off your shelf (or give them a stack) and permission to your beacon so they can add the fuel. Not a problem. Planning ahead anyone that has been nice enough to people to have friends can have their beacons filled. I enjoy starting over, so, it’s not a problem whatever happens with me. It’s just a game and not a difficult one. The hardest thing is anyone that is like me and artistically challenged learning how to build something decent. lol


A life outside of a video game is your excuse?!?

900 Oort shards power’s a 1-3 blink sec portal for 5W and 3 Days…
Basic Beacon fuel (Zero Rare mats of any type) costs 100c in most shops give’s you
OVER 7 WEEKS of beacon protection…

If you can’t log in once in a 2 MONTH period because your life is too busy then you have basically quit playing the damn game and your stuff should get deleted… All we need is an entire planet off Never Ending Beacons… Seriously?!?


We want to allow players to replay the tutorial to get their bearings again. Part of this flow should allow you to return to a home world and start again but still preserve your inventory and experience so far.

The item storage point is one we’ve mentioned in house and is a possibility now with the gifting system that was implemented as while ago. As for when or if that is going to be a thing, that is TBD.


Again many people miss the point here… but I’m not surprised… fan boys.

SethLarcomb was trying to communicate that coming back is a BAD experience. Which it is especially when you lose everything. No where did he say that we can’t hold people responsible to keeping builds alive if they want them. Instead he is trying to give context of what it feels like and that we should find a way people can’t get stuck on planets, etc.

If we care about the game we will find a way to balance that experience out especially in an area where people might be stuck on a harder planet.


3 month fuel is 1730 coin at my shop, so easier to make than a diamond hammer. Shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes of farming to get it, even with bad tools…

4 month fuel will be practical once they add the higher worlds that actually spawn shadow orbs.

A lot of the posts point out that there are already several options available: portals, warps to existing locations, just plain running and gathering the materials, using another character until you can return to your first, asking other helpful players, etc.

Whilst even more options would be nice they are hardly necessary if you know about your existing options which people have been trying to point out.


Not really helpful when you are on a level 3 planet away from the shop and have lost all your stuff. Also, 3 month fuel isn’t 3 minutes of farming.

The point of the message was losing stuff - not coming up with reasons for people to purchase stuff from people or being forced by a game dynamic to constantly log in.


Why would I need a 3 month fuel if I have lost all my stuff? I would only need a 2 week fuel for 10 leaves…

For me a 3 month fuel takes 1.73 minutes of gathering to make (which is why I sell at 1730 coin to still make decent profit on it). 3 minutes was me being generous for people that are 100% less effective.


Exactly… we shouldn’t be talking about long term fuel and its costs…

The only reason it came up was people trying to say that there is nothing wrong and ignore the bigger point that the original post was trying to communicate.


well I mean I got to end game and the engines cost too much to get started with the level changes and fueling every 2 weeks is just insane. :confused:


You are first assuming I dedicated 4 months of solid gameplay to achieve that… if not more… it took me 3 just to get a set of tabled and 6 engines before deletion… Just saying grind isn’t fun and solo needs to be an open option on these kinds of games.


There are better fuels which allow you fuel your beacon for much longer.


I didn’t assume that. lol I looked at your profile to see when you joined (April 14th). I also know people have gone from level 1 to level 50 in less than two weeks many times. So, why would I assume it took you months? Personally, I’m in no hurry, so, I still use iron everything and have never mined a gem and don’t have full power coils for my machines. I don’t see why people rush so much. People that rush are always complaining about how long it takes in almost any game.


Why do you need the Powercoils/Engines? I have every Machine Fully Coiled in my 2cond Factory but almost never use them, its quite a hassle to keep them alive. Just build a basic set of machines and let them Work overnight, voila Progress :stuck_out_tongue:
Or build 5 of each, machines are so incredibly cheap now (Come to the Forgotten Kingdom of Cog, i’ll give you 100 Parts each if that helps you out :wink: )

And please don’t see this Game as another Minecraft Clone, its meant to be more like an MMORPG and did you get everything maxed out in as Example WoW (Vanilla)… Or even better Example Eve Online in 2 Months? xD
See the Engines more as Boundlesses Netherdrake or An’Qiraj Opening Event


took me ages to level since i spend lots off time on social things i used to use totem did not bother the slowness off it :smile: i hit level 50 in 1000hours
still think there should be social xp if this makes sence also if ya rush hitting the moment where you have it all and level 50 is a weird moment for non-builders ive seen people quit reaching level 50 some people have mentality to finish games this game is endless so it can be confusing :smile: also @SethLarcomb focus on a item sell whats extra and use coin to buy what ya not making :smile: along the way ya make profit and can expand to the next machine


I have assumed nothing…

Your first achievement in game gives you far more then 100c you could have then gone to a shop and bought Basic beacon fuel…

To make basic beacon fuel… all you need is

5 Spicy Beans
10 Leaves
10 Fresh Vital Essence
and 400 Spark

The hardest part of that is a Spark Core
Which again you could buy a spark core for 750 - 1000 c depending on the shop…
And again the most basic achievements have payed you out far more money then that…

Or you make your own spark Core

1 Iron Furnace Base = 6 Iron bars / 2 flint = 6 Iron ore
3 Metal Bars = 3 Copper Ore
15 Cogs = 15 Copper Bars = 15 Copper Ore
3 Ancient Tech Devices (You can just walk up to the side of a hill or mountain and likely see 1 or 2 of these, check a couple hillsides and this is done…)

^^^^^ So in all honesty to acquire the 6 Iron Ore and 15 Copper ore and 3 Tech devices via mining would take at most 15 minutes…

Again if you put in 4 Months I am sure you had a Spark Core, so again making Basic beacon fuel would have only cost you the time of going to the machine and queuing it up and then putting it into your beacon… And if you played for 4 Months which is twice the amount of time I have played to date… There is no reason you could not have the mats for basic beacon fuel… I have mass crafted 1000’s of the that item to put onto my shop stand and again I have played for half the time you did…


So many people love to put “gathering time frames” around getting items. The reality is it takes so much longer than they say because the difference is not everyone knows where to GO to actually get the items. The game does not have a tutorial explaining exact locations, etc.

So while it might take 15 minutes for you, it is completely a waste of time trying to use that as justification when comparing it to someone who doesn’t have the experience in where items are. So for them it could take much longer.

In the recent comments it is clear that more work needs to be done around teaching people they can make fuel beyond the initial fuel we can make. That has been a consistent complaint that people don’t know about all the items they can craft until they have the skills to make them. So a person wouldn’t know that there is anything beyond 2 weeks until skills show them. The developers are hopefully working on showing upcoming craft items.

In any event, all people aren’t interested in supporting someone else’s shop, nor having to be in a fully dependent state of needing others to play. It is a completely valid option and there is nothing wrong with someone voicing their opinion that they want a more open game play that is more solo.

This whole thread has just been about someone voicing their opinion and many people coming and beating them up. Clearly the game needs more work in ensuring people know how to make fuel and many other things as well as still working toward meeting the goals of most people.


The Game industry as a whole is one long chain of this type of thread…

Most of us gamers wonder why developers giving us nothing more then brain dead simple basic games with flashy graphics and no content…

Its because years and years of OMG

That guy kill me please make them stop…
That guy took all my stuff pls make them stop
That guy stole all my stuff
The Map is too big it takes to long to get to the other side
Skills take too long to level up
Kill quests are boring why do I have to kill 100 rats
2000’s ^^^^^
OMG a subscription fee!
The guy who play’s 24/7 is stronger then I am!!!
Pay to win!!! That rich person can just buy his way to victory!
2010’s ^^^^
I don’t have enough skills to do everything in game!
I can’t not play the game for 4 months and come back to all my stuff!
The one time buy to play is FAR to expensive…

The MMORPG Genre is dead they say!!! Geee I wonder why???
Developers need to stop reacting to the whingers and just use common sense!

****Note this post is borderline, I understand that but I don’t know how to get this thought across without it
sounding as abrasive as it is… ****

Every year the gamer population gets more entitled and it gets more and more whiny!


[quote=“Sulfurblade, post:39, topic:13719”]
****Note this post is borderline, I understand that but I don’t know how to get this thought across without it
sounding as abrasive as it is… ****

I don’t think anyone is arguing the main issues you are bringing up in this post about gamer attitudes. Just note this user said things that showed they were trying to be responsible and was not communicating in a tone you listed in your post. Many times the complaints brought up, while related to your list of stuff, are still valid at a basic level if you take a mature and game development approach to it.

So the real goal should be to separate the chaff from the wheat and see those that are trying to improve things (this users thread) and those that just whine due to larger society issues. If that was ultimately your intent, which it seems so based on the above quote, then it certainly puts your comments in a different context. I do respect the awareness to say something like - I’m trying to communicate something but it isn’t coming across the way I mean.

Unfortunately the issue goes way beyond games and into society in general. Growing up in the 80’s playing games I’ve see it in this industry but that is just an echo of the larger entitled and non-personal responsible society we have. The internet with its lack of repercussions only increased the trend.