Community: 3D Models Thread

Alright just to do a bit of cleaning up if everyone could put there 3D Models here that would be great just so then we don’t get so many threads :smiley:


ill start with some of mine-

Software - Autodesk Maya 2015

Oort Cubes -

Hammer Model 12 -



Software - Cinema 4D

Oort Cube -

Hammer -



Oort Cube -


I might do another hammer tomorrow :slight_smile: I’ll post it here

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Wow, cinema 4D was my first raytracer on the amiga back from in the 90s … Didn’t know that it still exists :wink:

So I tried to make the Gleamaxe :smile: Hope you like it even though it doesn’t look that good ^^


hmmm if you gave it the glow like on the last hammer it would have been a bit better

Agreed! But I just wanted to make the hammer head and then do everything else today :slight_smile: It’s only v1 :stuck_out_tongue: But do you think the gleam/crystal itself looks good?

Well I guess this goes in here too ^^ It’s a lizard race model I made some time ago :smile:


if you made the pickaxe part a bit smaller it would look really neat. you seem to do a really good job of getting the handles and hilts of your items right :slight_smile:

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Thanks ^^ I made the pickaxe part that big because the gleamaxe on the concept art was pretty big too :slight_smile: I guess I’ll improve that today ^^