Community Discord?

There’s a difference between whining and complaining that aims to resolve issues instead of just attacking anyone without much good grasp of the topic.

Yea no attacking happened, got attacked instead but I have a good grasp. Its the rich elites who grouped up to form massive zerg fest footfall armies that don’t know what its like for the small guys, I just stand up for them. Sorry not sorry.

Idk bro, there’s a lot of new comer here who enjoyed the presence of the community and the so called “rich elites”. Probably if you tweak the way you approach/phrase your message then things could probably went better. Anyway, I don’t want to derail this topic too much.

I’m a rich elite now… I did what they did in beta when I was on the outside but to be on the inside. It’s NIGHT AND DAY… if you aren’t getting that footfall, you won’t be recommending this game. It’s a bad problem for low level players and it’s too easy for high level players. Either way I just need a partner in crime to do some leveling with which is why I need a discord. I don’t care to complain because I learned my lesson that they fall on deaf ears.

Becuase you always say the same thing. “Complian, whine, 7/10” that’s the gist of what I see in the threads from you.

Your running out of stamina fast? Theres a perk for that!

Blocks take to long to destroy? There ar attributes and perks for that!

Tired of big towns picking on the little guys? Build your own damn town and run it how you want. There are literally built in solutions for most the stuff you cry about.

No, you have a perk that keeps it topped off from food… it’s trash. The rate of decay by itself is too fast. Only early level mining blocks take too long to break… you don’t have a perk you haven’t unlocked… My complaints are correct, don’t like it, suck on the only 800 players and 7/10 review. It proved I was right and I also complained about the cash shop p2w concept with land claims which was by biggest one but you forgot to mention that. They walked RIGHT INTO that trap.

Now granted a remedy for this would be a nice introduction into the centriforge for new players that’ DOESN’T HAPPEN… by making wood stuff or stone take little to no resources to make and making the tables craftable like a workstation which it isn’t… and brews should have a level 1 basic brew that literally lasts 2 hours on use that cuts energy drain rate IN HALF as an introduction. Boom problems solved. But I also complained about this in beta and they did the opposite.

and we haven’t even got into botting… I literally watched a kid botting I walked up to him talked to him for 10 minutes while he said nothing, and when he came back, he said BACK on shout for his friends… like bruh… wtf and you can’t even tell thanks to all the ps4 players with no keyboards.