Community Event: Exquisite Mansion

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This room’s ornate roofing conjures images of a smoldering campfire.


Look at this gorgeous kitchen. The pantry is even fully stocked!


A modern art installation


Looking really good. It’s interesting to see what people will add next.


Room added, amazing idea!


gj, the more, the better!


Will add a room when I log on tonight :grin:


Oh maa gaad!! Whose idea was it to put doors on the storage blocks to make cupboards!? Brils!! :heart_eyes:


I know right? I’m working on a new home base and sketching out the kitchen as a food/brew crafting room and I’m totally using that pantry idea.

I fueled the portal leading to the mansion for another week. Would be nice to get some fresh rooms added on! Drag your friends with you so you can connect your rooms together!


The mansion grows! The Crystal Warrior’s Rest


I will add more tonight. Looking at it now, it’s meh :sweat_smile: