Community input needed: system design goals


These kind of question can be the thing tipping the scale if the decisions is still in the air, this doesn’t mean that the surveys are ignored just that other factors appeared outweighing the survey in importance.


I Think it would be awesome to have bosses to kill and in killing them you can learn an ability or something the abilities being (skillshots) so that the combat doesnt turn into too much hack and slash and that combat is a bit appealing.


My feed back:
Make stuff take damage and eventually break. Nothing should last forever.
Make it standard to what you’ll get, but allow for additions to mix up the stats for flavor’s sake.
Give us the possibilty to alter the weapon design in someway to help make them stand out if possible.

Variety is the spice of life, allow players to change their roles via skills and weapons they equip.

Meh. Just throw it open world and let people do what they do best.


For me this isn’t an issue. if you look game called path of exile you share the same skilltree with all classes, the only difference is that if you like to make hunter as marauder you need to travel longer distance in the skilltree but still get all skills what that other class used. you can make super unique builds with that and its almost the best skilltree system i seen out there.

The unique should be made, not given… Miige 16.08.2016

Race Abilities

Posting/Replying to things isn’t really my thing, but the more input the better so here goes.

  • Combat Systems: Combat should be skill based, but also partially gear based. You shouldn’t be able to fight harder enemies with the first weapon you get. There needs to be a incentive for upgrading your gear, but battles shouldn’t be impossible without good gear.

  • Crafting Systems: Crafting should be simple, yet difficult. Recipes should also be saved to the player, rather than to the crafting station. Anybody should be able to pick up basic crafting, but more advanced crafting should take experimenting, and it should take time learning. Using this system, it would allow merchant to thrive off selling more advanced crafting materials/products while also allowing other people to be able to obtain these on their own, but actually working in the process :scream:. Overtime, some crafting times might need to be tweaked, but I like the idea of it taking time to craft items. This could allow people to have jobs such as factories, mass producing a single item, or multiple items.

  • Construction Systems: For construction, people will need a large variety of blocks that can do several things. Some of the uses could be decorative, automated, and wiring. Construction in job systems will have to allow builders to protect the land that they will be building in. If a client requests them to build something, they would also have to select how many beacon spaces the builder could use. The builder would then receive a temporary “builders beacon”, or if the client had already chosen a spot for the build, they would receive the coordinates of the build location. Once the build was finished, the client would be able to claim over the temp. beacon with their own plotter, and the builders beacon would be destroyed.

  • Progression Systems: Player Progression should be skill tree based. There would be three or four different trees; melee combat, ranged combat, passive abilities, and possibly crafting progression. Melee and ranged combat could differ from damage increases to combat abilities that could help you in battles. Passive abilities could range from faster swimming, increased healing out of combat, deal more damage at a lower health, move faster at a lower health, etc.

  • Player Customisation: For Player Customisation, have three to four different models for different body parts per race. Players should be able to look different, but also look recognizable to their race. There shouldn’t be passive abilities for races, every player should be able to get the same abilities.

  • Titans: Titans should require teamwork, and (for a small titan) they should take a minimum of about half a day to a maximum of three to four days with a group of three to four people (depending on skill level). For larger titans, ten to twelve people should be necessary to defeat them. Titans should be significantly rarer then all generated structures, and each titan should be procedural generated. In order to defeat titans, you should need to take down sections at a time. There should be about five to ten sections, and within each, there would be a power supply that needs to be destroyed. Each section taken on would procedural get more difficult, and in each sections would be mass amounts of protectors. To prevent protector grinding, enemies would only spawn once, and when you enter a room, it would lock, forcing you to defeat the protectors to continue. The protectors should appear to be lying dormant until somebody enters the room. If you are killed in a locked room, all of the the protectors would re-spawn. Once all of the segments have been defeated, you gain access to the titans core, and the loot. Once you defeat the Core, there will be a destruction sequence where you will need to escape the titan before it loses all power and falls out of the sky and destroy the surrounding area.

  • Beacon / Land claiming systems: There should be a limit to 100 plots per person, and if friends share beacons, they can attach the friends plots to each others beacon, the same goes with guilds, except the guild master would place the beacons.

  • Guild System: Guilds will share common resources and currency. every member of the guild will increase the amount of beacon plots it can have.

  • PvP: PvP could be world specific.some worlds would be PvE + duels (when requested and accepted), some would be Towns/Beacons are safe zones, and some would be PvP everywhere. There would need to be penalties (lower reputation on that world) for killing players unprovoked so that it would somewhat stay in control, but killing other players would get you their items.


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- Combat systems
The one controlling the pixels should be skilled rather than have spent a lot of time in game to be effective. No lazy I WIN buttons.

- Crafting systems
Make machinery upgradeable or connectable to other machines, so that I don’t have to move from one to another all the time. Driving me nuts switching machines to get something done now. I’d like to be able to eventually have all machines connected or just use one giant machine to make my cornflakes.

- Construction systems
Construction without destruction is a fallacy. Give us a PvP concept.

- Progression systems
Progression in less functional stuff is nice. Like being able to craft decoratives, or being able to show rank on shoulders, having a badge for achievements displayed on a banner in your home that automatically changes shape and design based on achievements.

- Player customisation systems
Please don’t create those ridiculous santa outfits, dolls and that kind of stuff. It really ruins the game lore, look and feel and generally devalues the game entirely. Pulls me out of the fantasy world.

- Titan systems
Should be able to destroy beacons and what’s inside it. If titans can’t do that, they’re not really titanic are they?

- Beacon / land claiming systems
My worst fear is this system stays the same. Don’t make it a prison in which I can move around stuff. Make it possible for me to entirely disappear off the grid with my beacon (to mainly prevent world regeneration) AND allow me to set the beacon to allow players to destroy stuff in it. Right now it’s too safe, too much whispering to me I should just build something, and then log off and never come back. They are now way too restrictive instead of creating a ‘boundless’ experience. Regardless the skills, the progressions, the cool looks of the game, the everything you can do to make yourself excel or look different; beacons will either fail hard and ruin the game or succeed and have this become a success.

I’d like to also point out we should be able to combat world regeneration through other means other than through beacons.

Have discussed this with community here: Why beacons + worldregen doesn't work

- Guild systems
Guilds should be able to create quests for their members, have an internal achievement system and have an internal reward system tied to ranks (last one would have to be optional). Don’t make guilds have more beacon plots based on guildsize. This makes big guilds even more powerful. Guilds would then become functional instead of social and transforms guilds into invite spammers.


No they shouldn’t.
That would completely ruin the purpose of beacons

Race Abilities
Race Abilities

the beacon sounds interesting. Honestly i dislike every aspect of the world regeneration. because I enjoy building huge structures. Furthermore when one world is depleted of resources you can just go go to another world. I dont know if that made sense but it did to me.


Totally agree with you on everything especially


(though, I’d still rather see those in the cash-shop than the actual wearables sets…)

That’s a matter of opinion.

But other players were acive on those ‘other’ worlds as well, depleting the resources there…


yeah i am a dumbass i noticed that right after i sent it lol.

Race Abilities

I think it makes sense for titans to be able to destroy blocks inside beacons, but not the beacon itself. If they can destroy beacons, there will likely be players that just follow titans around and pillage the remains of builds for loot.


Only three objectives I’m particularly opinionated about.

PvP: combat. must. exist.
Even a soft form of combat where opponents are only K.O.'d or surrender. Dual systems are fine. It’s human nature that of you put weapons in a players hand, they are going to long to test themselves against others. Preventing that removes a huge block of gameplay.

My personal preference is for free, open world PvP where players must accept the consequences of their actions, reinforced with a guild/faction reputation system.

Which is a great segway into…

Guilds!: Remember how factions worked in Vanilla WoW? I imagine guilds working sorta like that. You can join as many as you want, performing tasks for them automatically boosts your reputation, and attacking or killing it’s members automatically reduces your reputation with them. Your reputation with a guild is reflected by the color of nameplates (both yours and members of that guild) and friendly players do not harm each other without agreeing to a dual.

Since obviously not everyone would be allied with the same guilds, an “at peace” or “at war” and “neutral” mechanic could be toggled between guild leaders to make alliances across guilds.

Lastly, Beacons: Yep, they are entirely too safe at the moment. That’s perfect for the current state of the game. But I would like to take some of that safety away. I would also like to add a number of toggles to what the beacon does and does not protect. Namely, I would like to see beacons vulnerable to Titans. It neuters the threat of a Titan otherwise.

Beacons should not be totally exposed to titans, though. Give them a shield that offers protection against a Titan’Titan’ onslaught for a period of time. That way, players can defend themselves and their property, and larger plots have higher resistance to damage. Sounds like fun to me!

Race Abilities

How does that make sense? If I build a cool village/town with my friend and a titan destroys everything I’d probably just stop playing. I thought you’d use a beacon so your buildings wont get destroyed…


It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Also, not all worlds would need to behave that way (or even have titans) - some worlds can be more dangerous than others.

For example: I’d love to see it where a titan passing through a village/town I’ve built destroys some blocks (say 5-10% or something), and requires some rebuilding. It’s a good incentive to try to defend your builds, and adds excitement.


Also, wasn’t it mentioned that Titans would spawn in “Titan Bioms”? Sounds like you would be assuming certain risks to build on the surface of such a biome.


I guess that all depends on whether you’re actually logged on at the time though.

I’d say that would require some mechanic in place that makes the titans travel in almost exactly the same direction all the time (or at a minor tangent each time it passes over the world wrapped edges), otherwise several passes over a beacon at 10-15% at a time could be quite devastating… especially to a large build.

If that’s the case, you can pretty much ignore everything I just wrote :wink:

Race Abilities

I´d like to see something similar to Factions in EvE Online.
By default you are not a subject to PvP unless you (or your “guildleader”) enlists you (or your guild) for factional warfare. From this point on every member of a hostile faction is free to attack you (and your stuff) without any penalty.
Something similar would be neat for Boundless:
Each guild can choose to join or create a faction and negotiate alliances / declare war with other guilds.
Pushing a guild into surrender could yield nice rewards for the winning and penalties for the loosing party.
This way no one is obligated to join PvP but it also removes the need for dedicated PvP worlds.

As long as rebuilding means that I just have to throw some materials into a “Blueprint” that aromatically fills the gaps I´d be fine with titans destroying some stuff.
Cause looking for those 10% missing blocks in a huge build sounds quite tedious.


This would give people, especially builders, an incentive for hunting titans besides loot. This would also create a reason for titans existing, other than sitting dormant, waiting to be destroyed. The titans could slowly move towards player made structures on higher level worlds (I want to see a titan get raided by hundreds of players because it starts moving too close to a capitol), and they could just wander on lower level worlds. What would happen if you were caught under a titan though?

It would be cool if, since guilds will be competing to be the best, there were strategic points owned by npcs that guilds could take over. While at peace with a guild, you would have the ability to use these areas to your advantage. While neutral with a guild, they would have private access to the area, and you would need to ask permission to enter the point (if you enter without permission, your rep will lower.). If you are at war with the guild, you could either attack players in the area, and once you claim some sort of objective, your guild will own the area. There could also be the possibility to buy out the area from the guild. Some of the strategic areas could be mines (where ores occur more than they do otherwise), Arenas (where you could grind monsters faster), etc.

Defeating other guilds could cause your guild to gain more beacon space and money, while being defeated would cause you to lose that amount of beacon space and money. Obviously there would need to be a limit on how much you could lose, causing guilds to be unable to attack your guild while in a grace period. Once a guild master chooses to go to war with another guild, they would be prompted with a message telling them that this action cannot be undo’d and then it would show the reward/losses that you would receive.


And again… NPC’s will not take any part in this game.