Community Projects DK mall information

I left information on the west wall about all the ways one can get in touch with me concerning shop plots and portals…

If im not on tana ill be;

  • getting mats
  • on Lamblis
  • not online
    So to be safe the information is available for everyone to msg me. Psn and discord being the fastest way.

As i have to keep my hub/shops running ill be also spending time from now on at Terra Nova (Lamblis). Spend most of my time in boundless so ill be on Tana or Lamblis building most of the time.

Furthermore i may edit this post in the future to keep everything together.

[edit 30 jan 2022]

The to do list.

Redo the temporary roads at the new section of the mall (soil-gavel-compact coal-gavel-soil).
First 2 rings wil eventually have a “open” design with black glass panes and floating gem/pillars (design not fully finalized yet).
3ring wil be a combination between “open” and “busy”.
4th and 5th ring will be a “busy” design.

Hub second portal lvl ( on -1 and maybe also add -2)

So ill be working on roads or on hub for now when im at dk.


if you ever need mats, let me know, i might have some stuff laying around


I will let you know :wink:


@PrincessMaude is a big help :slight_smile:

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