Community Questions of The Week (for Oort Night)

I’m not sure how many people here on the forums watch my Oort Online news show, Oort Night, but those who do will know that each main episode has a ‘Question of The Week’ which is thrown out for everyone to answer, and then I pick a handful to show off and comment on in the following episode.

Sometimes it’s easy to come up with these questions, especially if I just base it off of the stories from the episode. Then sometimes… it’s not so easy… So I’d like to throw it out to everyone here; What question would you love to ask the Oort Online community, as a whole?

If your question is used on the show, I’ll be sure to credit you, and link to a YouTube Channel/Twitter Feed if you like. :smile:

Thanks folks!
(You’re looking fabulous, by the way…)


Which crafting professions (light weaponsmith, tamer, enchanter. etc,) do you think should be ingame

also if you are bored you can try to look through my topics, i have quite alot there must be some questions you can use in there.

Right now, oort is without a music track. What sort of music does the community like to listen to when they play?

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Kirby 64 music oddly.

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What game do you see Oort Online becoming most like in the future? (besides Minecraft…)

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What update do you want next?

  • Add Creatures
  • Add More blocks
  • Add more craftable items
  • Add craftable weapons/tools
  • Character Creation
  • Other
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Does anyone know why he stopped existing?

He’s active on his twitter.

Yes,but he just stopped l making Oort/Boundless videos on YouTube.

He’ll upload Boundless vids when he’s good and ready, I suppose. There really has not been too much to report lately anyway, which was kinda what his show was based on.

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Ok,but he said I would start up again,on July 7,2015… so😗