Compact Oortshards


If there is public hate speech towards me, I will defend myself. If that is a problem then I accept any consequences thereof. I don’t want to have to defend myself.


I think most people agree about the large portal time need to increase.
Just have different opinions about shard cost.
Hope devs can take look about this in future,
(i don’t mean they should take care about this thing now, I know they have other things more important than this )

But this is also one example i feel this game should be more friendly to players.
3 - 4 days is really not a friendly design as a game.
It’s not like youtube or Twitch, we spend time to earn real money in life.

So i think so far its way to harsh for most players. :slight_smile:

Also i think this should be the “balance” you guys need to pay more attention in future.


I find out people misunderstanding about ps & ultima all the time.

  1. There is no 100% sure to be their size even you have same time and even same size of guild.
  2. Their income really not that much compare to other owners run a huge famous shop like merlin i knew one point he had 20m, and only thing he have done was selling power coils. Running hub for money really not the best way. I believe they host the hub to help community more than for the income.
  3. Running a guild is not really easy, sometimes you are attacked by trolls, or some of your members start acting crazy at one point. Or some guild dramas. Those are the things you will never expect at first place.


Can you give the portal size and blinksec distance for this? What is the shortest time frame a portal can be open for what would be a realistic jump between planets?

What would you feel is the right balance on fueling for that size? Once every 5 or 7 days? 14?

I’m hoping @lucadeltodecso can clarify his comments around actual costs and how it relates to a portal connection versus connected/used.


To be honest, its really nothing related to any balance thing here.
I am asking about fueling time, not shard cost reduce.
You really think fueling it 2 weeks will be less challenge than fueling it 3 days with same shard cost ?
It just less annoying for players who connect large portal to their friend or city they admire in longer distance.

If dev teams want people active daily they should add some daily event like other mobile game have done.
It can be the bonus reward you can get daily or just login.

But forcing players to login daily to take care the large portal is really not a friendly design in my opinion.

Right now the current design is more like, oh i am busy in the next 4 days in real life, but i still need to login and right click couple times to make my huge portal remain open :thinking:.

An example here, 20 blocks portal, 900 shards (max input) for 4 days 4 hour.


I think it really comes down to what the developers feel the challenge level should be. Or if they designed it to keep people actively playing or whatever. That is why I am trying to get Luca to respond and give more context. They design the game so it is their decision.

Since we are not talking about a shard cost reduction then the work effort behind getting the shards for the fueling effort is the same.

From perspective, yes it is less of a challenge (or work technically) to PUT FUEL INTO a portal every 2 weeks over 3 days because you only have to go to fuel it 1 time versus about 4 times. So it requires you in the game less for the putting fuel in part.

But I get how frustrating it can be to go into the game every 4 days to fuel so that is why I did support adjusting it upward in the time between fuels. But I need more information from the developers on why they didn’t just allow huge amounts to be dumped in before I would commit to an exact time. Right now I just started with at least 7 days.


Well… how come you don’t make beacon require to fuel every 3 -4 days, if you feel that will make this game more challenge… For us who are running the huge portals, it really the same feeling you know ?
Because I really don’t feel it make more fun and challenge in this part.
It only make players feel extremely annoying by keep doing the pointless things all the time.

No offense to you, but this challenge theory really make me confuse :sweat:


Just because I felt it was less of a challenge certainly doesn’t mean I don’t get the annoyance and non-fun of it. That is why I think it should be considered a possible 7 days cycle instead for it holding fuel and would like to hear why the devs would and would not want to change it.


Don’t forget that network creates coin which otherwise would not be generated.


It’s not “portals” per-say that are costing any bandwidth, its world connections (entity data) and chunk downloads.

Having lots of short-range portals in a chain, means that as a user, you have to walk through multiple portals and worlds to get to where you are going. As you walk through that chain you are getting a load of entity data for all the worlds you pass through on the way, and are downloading chunks for those worlds as well, you may well be evicting chunk-data from the client-cache that is needed for the final destination world meaning that you end up downloading even more data than you would have.


Not a new idea but one well worth bring up again. We posted one asking for Oort to follow the same round of steps as other gem types. Having the option to compact and refine the Oort even further for longevity would be a huge bonus. As it is having to refuel a large portal every 3 days has been a pain for a very long time.


So a portal hub/network with large portals, should be easier for the server to handle compared to one with a ton of small ones. (one jump compared to multiple)
Since the user will only be downloading the chunk data once.

So being able to sustain a big portals without logging in daily (or 2-3 days) seems to entice people to build bigger portals hence reduce server load?

At least in my opinion unless I misunderstood something.


So basically egress charges for the clients pulling down data. But I assume things in same regions and portals being open aren’t causing issues then. Only issue is when people use them or are looking at them to see the world beyond.

Based on all of this then I would agree you probably want to help people in being able to have larger portals versus smaller ones so we cut down on portal sprawl. But that has to be balanced because of people downloading data through the portal while just looking at it.

I assume you all are doing the analysis on the best cost design for portals but I do feel that it would help improve game life quality by increasing the amount of fuel big portals can handle.


Okay. So… Something just came to mind. Haven’t thought about it much but the words sound so nice to say. Maybe someone here has ideas on how they would work and what they can do. Oort coils??? Used for portals so how to maybe reduce the oort shard costs? Like how coils reduce spark usage…maybe can extend the 4day limit in large portals to 1 week?

Adding: Advanced portal conduits infused with refined oort…just throwing that in the mix.


This nonsense again.

Quit trying to restrict things.


This is wrong guess… Your imagination is way too beautiful.
Hosting portal networking system is the worst efficient type to making income…
the footfall you get won’t be enough to get you maintain the portals open.
Even you hunts everyday, you still can’t get enough shards to fuel all the portals.

You have to spent almost all of ur money from footfall to buy shards + hunt daily + group of people help you + hosting other business at same time to keep all the portals open.

Try to run portal network by yourself you will know the things you are talking about is really wrong lol


Please don’t take things out of context… I’m not trying to restrict but expand.

I understand that you disagree and respect that. I’m not really interested into getting into it but felt I should clarify my point.

I have in EA. One of the most popular and successful ones for close to a year… I never said it wasn’t easy or some work but still have my views. I understand and respect that you disagree.


I respect your opinion as well,
I am EA player too, but running portal in EA is really 100x easier than running portal network in current patch.
Think how much new planets added after that. And those huge portal cost is different as before as well.

I reply you because the things you are talking about is not really correct and not fair to guild like ultima and ps.
( i am not member of those 2 guild.)
I saw a lot of people think they can run a better hub than those two guild and make tons of income easily.
But most of them failed after they realize its a pain to maintain those portals daily.

They never have enough shards to remain portals open.

For running a successful portal hub you only need to achieve 1 thing.
A lot of people in your group, and willing to help you to build that.
Its the hardest one and only requirement base on my observation.

Everyone can still build up their portal network in current meta.
The problem is you can keep it for how long ?

This is same as shop system in the game, some famous shop can sell things really fast, and some newbie shop can’t do it. But it doesn’t mean there is no chance for newbie shop to become the next famous shop.


I get you disagree with my views but from where I stand it is correct that popular hubs have millions. It is correct that the effort now is less than before. And it is correct that we have a challenging economy model. But again you quotes are out of context of what I was trying to communicate.

I appreciate the response and where you are coming from but I am not here using the words saying anyone here is “not correct.” My views are my views while the word “correct” is a subjective term based on a person’s view. So please do not say I am incorrect when I am not saying you are incorrect or trying to have a conversation on “correctness.”

At this point we can just choose to disagree on some points and leave it at that.


Well, base on story i know, most of ps hub owner and ultima hub owners they are poor
I really don’t know where you feel they have millions.

Merlin who had 20 -40 million before was only selling power coils
I bet he had more money than those hub owners .
Also for centless and moonies those famous shop owners should also be richer than those hub owners.

The thing you are talking about you need evidence otherwise it just your imagination.
It will make people think those hub owners get their money with less effort than others.
So this really not just what you are thinking.
When you use those view to support your opinion about shard on portal,
It really hurts those people who are trying hard to maintain the portal daily for all players.
I am not saying you have to change your opinion to anything.
But trying to understand how much profit (not income) they get daily is also a fair thing to do.
You speak something here to defend your point i totally respect.
But we should say something to reply when we see something looks really different as our understanding.

I can tell you those hub owners, they are spending 100x effort than most of us.
But they get only a few profit or negative profit to running those hub.

Running a group like their level is never easy, and the things they are doing - Portal networking also the hardest thing in the game so far.

Don’t make those reply to personal because i am only talking about the thing you point out.
When i said its wrong it really just me feel the things you are talking about is wrong.

You can ask hash or simoyd those 2 guys who are running the hugest portal network system in the game so far about whats their profit and how much effort they spend daily. You will realize it really different than what you were talking about.