Compact peat

Is it still possible to find compact peat in the wild beneath trees?

its not… u can find compact peat only inside ur compactor… u might referring to peaty soil?

There is not planet with these in the current universe

Saw a video by jiivita on andoweem. I know that planet was part of beta, but was not sure if the compact peaty soil under trees with prefab was still a thing?

Nope. Planets are the exact same boring mess, just with a different color.

It was a great way of getting compact peat during beta. There are a lot of prefabs about at the moment, but none of them are all that lucrative block wise as far as I can tell.

Perhaps future planets will have these quirky resources.

just farm peaty soil and compact it… u just need spark and no power for it

Okay, thanks guys. Appreciate the help.